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Nextiva Launches Cloud-Based Network Firewall Solution
Nextiva Clarity Provides Businesses with a Centralized and Clear View into Their Network

Scottsdale, Arizona - May 20, 2016

Nextiva (, an industry-leading cloud communications provider, announced today that Nextiva Clarity, its new cloud-based firewall solution for businesses, is now available. The enterprise-grade device will increase network transparency while introducing automatic Quality of Service (QoS) to deliver clear voice quality over an Ethernet connection.

Nextiva Clarity combines centralized network management with active real-time cyber security protection for improved network performance. The device provides fully automatic 2-way traffic prioritization and traffic shaping-QoS so that VoIP and video call traffic is prioritized to reduce call quality issues. Additionally, the intuitive online portal allows network administrators to access all of their Nextiva Clarity network locations in one place and manage them remotely with ease.

The in-depth diagnostics information provided by the device simplifies the process of diagnosing Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues and easily translates the data into information that can be used to quickly resolve the problem. In addition to protecting against cyber attacks, the security features protect businesses from unwanted intrusions from within the network by tracking changes to router and firewall settings. The various troubleshooting features significantly reduce the time spent troubleshooting and diagnosing an issue as Nextiva technicians get a first-hand look at the businesses’ network to reach a faster resolution. Additionally, Nextiva Clarity sends an email or SMS text notification as soon as an issue is detected, such as Internet loss, extensive packet loss or low MOS scores.

“Nextiva Clarity provides unprecedented insight in to a customers’ network and revolutionizes the way our team and network administrators troubleshoot, identify and resolves network issues. Traditionally our only option has been to be reactive, but this device allows us to take a proactive approach and solve greater problems affecting their network,” says Josh Lesavoy, Nextiva’s chief information officer. “This device will save everyone valuable time and resolve issues faster than ever before.”

Nextiva will offer three Nextiva Clarity models: a wireless model, non-wireless model, and a rack mount model. Each device comes standard with an impressive 300 device capacity and a max 250 Mbps throughput.

To learn more about Nextiva Clarity and Nextiva’s other cloud communications services and devices, please visit

Nextiva is a business communications company dedicated to empowering organizations to manage their communications, productivity, and customer relationships on a truly unified platform. Learn more at

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