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Message Pro

Advanced business texting.

Close connection with your customers.
360 visibility for your team.

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Incoming texts route to your team.

Capture the glory of texting — but scale the reach (and keep the intimacy of one-to-one).

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Customer conversations

Cross-team visibility for customer conversations.

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Prospect conversations

Easy conversations that close deals.

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Team conversations

Simplified manager/staff communication.

Advanced texting for customer, prospect & team conversations.

Customer conversations

Simultaneously manage clients and staff.

Law office

Make it easy for clients to work with you.

The whole team, from Admins to Owners can join in the text to ensure nothing gets missed.


Surprise customers with quick, personal service.

Say goodbye to manual hand-offs — any staff on duty can manage requests via text.

Clothing boutique

Delight customers with premium customer service using texting.

Make the experience seamless for the customer despite staffing shift changes.

Doctor’s office

Make scheduling and reminders easy on patients and your staff.

Get more patients in the door, reduce no-shows, and provide a personalized, seamless patient experience no matter who’s on shift.

Prospect conversations

Convert prospects to customers.

Air conditioning company

Offer a seamless, unified experience that turns prospects into customers.

Both Sales and Service join the SMS conversation to build trust and increase efficiency.

Interior designer

Make it easy for new customers to contact your texting team.

Don’t let leads get away.

Web design agency

Easily manage lead progress, no matter who’s working that day.

Nudge and close them with proactive conversations delivered via text.

Team conversations

Coordinate staff at scale.


Give staff an easy way to contact management.

All managers stay in the know so there are no suprises.

Events company

Scale how you source staff.

Send reminders so there’s no last-minute scrambling.

Medical office

Create efficiency with close communication.

Let multiple staff join in.

How it works

Message Pro is a texting platform connecting your business to customers and prospects.

Message Pro enables incoming texts to be routed to an entire assigned team vs. just one person.

Any member of the team may reply to the incoming text.

The customer and everyone on the team have visibility into the whole conversation.


Customer texts

A customer texts your business number


Team receives

An assigned team within your business gets the message in the Nextiva App


Team member #1 responds

A team member provides quick response using the Nextiva App


Team member #2 joins in

Another team member may join in to ask a question


Full visibility & seamless conversations

The customer and team can see all the back-and-forth in one unified conversation

See Message Pro in action.

video on Nextiva's Message Pro
5 star ratings

It has literally saved us hours per day!!

Half my day was spent trying to determine when it was sent, to whom, by whom, etc. With Message Pro, the client texts our main number, and now ALL employees in the team can see the message instantly.

- The Law Firm of Jacobs & Jacobs

Message Pro

From $10/user/mo


Message Pro

From $10/user/mo

Shared SMS inbox for all users

Text from Nextiva app (desktop or mobile app)

Send documents, photos, videos

Use your current local number or add a new one

Incoming calls route through your call flow

 Add Message Pro to your existing Nextiva package.

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Essential package add on:

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Professional package add on:

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Enterprise package add on:

Access Message Pro on the mobile and desktop app.


Incoming calls are routed to your call flow. Your call flow can route calls based on set days and times, specify where calls get routed, and establish what happens if the call goes unanswered. Before activating Message Pro, you’ll want to verify your call flow is set up in the admin portal.

Each of your team members who’d like access to view and participate in Message Pro text conversations requires a paid license.

With the Essential package, you get unlimited incoming/outgoing texts. The Professional package has a limit of 1,000 texts and the Enterprise package has a limit of 2,000 texts. To get unlimited texts in the Professional and Enterprise package, add the Productivity Plugin ($15/user/month).

With Message Pro, instead of replies to your text going only to you, they are sent to an assigned team of people. Similarly, incoming texts go to a team of people, not just you. All members of the assigned team can view and participate in the conversation along with you. Your customer or prospect gets everything they need from various professionals in your business within one seamless, efficient conversation.

You may use an existing or new local number (not toll-free). Message Pro requires a dedicated number, so if you’d like to add another number to your account, it’s $4.95 per month.


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