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Nextiva Launches New Mobile App

Company Expands Communications Portfolio to Include Free Mobile App
press release | scottsdale, arizona | january 30, 2014

Nextiva (, an industry leading provider of cloud-based business phone service, announced today that its new mobile and desktop app is available for customers. The application combines voice, video, and chat functions into a single platform and the interface can be accessed from any user’s computer, tablet or mobile phone. The application is supported in the Windows, Mac OSX, iOS or Android environments.

The Nextiva App was designed to give users the ability to make their business more mobile and flexible, while staying connected from anywhere. Users can choose their preferred communication method, including voice calls, one-on-one video calls, instant messages, and chat rooms, to communicate with clients and colleagues. It is easy to use for anyone and does not require users to login to the NextOS control panel. The app is compatible with Nextiva Office Pro and Enterprise plans.

Nextiva customers can also use the application to adjust their call settings, such as primary call forwarding number or location settings. They can update account information, access their personal and professional contacts, and see who is available, on a call or in another status. Each of the settings that are controlled through the Nextiva App are instantly synced through the cloud to simultaneously update any of the user’s devices on their account.

“Business is quickly evolving, and communication services that keep people connected are no longer support tools but critical requirements for how companies operate,” says Nextiva CIO, Josh Lesavoy. “As the business world becomes more mobile, we believe that the Nextiva App will serve as the primary access point for our customers to manage their communications account.”

The Nextiva App is being unveiled and demonstrated at the ITEXPO in Miami and is the first among several communication and collaboration services the company plans to release this year. And on the heels of its partner program launch, these new additions to the product portfolio will drive new value for customers and partners alike. Learn more about the Nextiva App here.

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Chris Brencans, CMO
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