Get started Names Nextiva as 2013 Best Business VoIP Provider

Award Given For Top Quality, Reliability and Customer Service
press release | scottsdale, arizona | may 30, 2013, a leading directory for Voice Over IP (VoIP) services, is excited to announce their pick for the 2013 Best Business VoIP Provider: Nextiva. There are many companies that provide VoIP services and finding the right one for an individual business can be a challenge. Visitors to the Best Voice Over IP website will find detailed reviews of the top providers for many different business types and VoIP needs including mobile VoIP, virtual fax, residential VoIP and more.

When searching for the best VoIP service for a business there are a number of things to consider including cost, quality, reliability, and customer service. The Best Voice Over IP team has spent years testing, reviewing, and analyzing a number of VoIP services. Best Voice Over IP representative Steve W. said, “In all our trials and research Nextiva always ended up at the top of our results, whether we were looking at price, quality of service, ease of use, or just talking to the customer support staff, Nextiva was always spot on.” The Nextiva review on describes the basic services that make Nextiva a leading business VoIP provider. Reading the reviews and other articles can help business owners everywhere find the best VoIP service to meet their needs.

According to Nextiva the company goal is “…to make owning and running your small business easier, less costly, and more profitable”. The executive team at Nextiva has a deep understanding of what small businesses need. In 2008, Nextiva joined the VoIP industry and now serves more than a million small businesses worldwide. In addition to providing top-of-the-line services, they strive to keep a friendly work environment because they believe “Happy employees=Amazing Service”. Excellent customer service doesn’t make up for a lack-luster service that is unreliable, but it does make the difference between a good service and a great service when the company has the right infrastructure. Nextiva offers four main business VoIP services: VoIP phone systems, hosted call centers, PBX SIP trunks, and electronic vFAX. These services can be stand alone or bundled to meet the needs of each individual business.

Business VoIP services have to be reliable. From a call center to a mom and pop shop looking to save a little money, a lost call, fax, or other business communication puts their business reputation on the line. A business owner has to know that their means of communicating with customers is always available and functioning properly. Steve W. continues by saying, “Our personal experience with Nextiva has been outstanding. Every time we need to use the service, it works. That is plain and simple, what more can we ask for?” By examining the service offered by several VoIP providers, a business owner will have the knowledge needed to find the right service for his/her business needs. Business owners can check out the reviews and informational articles featured on to assist them in the search.

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Chris Brencans, CMO
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