There are times, in the business world, when it becomes necessary for people to come together. In terms of expense, travel, materials and other necessary items, a traditional business meeting can be come a costly event. Those businesses harnessing IP telephony technology are able to offset expenses by taking advantage of a VoIP based web conferencing platform.

Since numerous parties can simultaneously be connected, over the internet, there is no longer a need to worry about travel plans or traffic jams; any invited party can participate, in real-time, regardless of geographic location. VoIP web conferencing technology utilizes many of the same features as a traditional web conference utility and offers many new and innovative functions to further enhance the VoIP experience.

When deploying a VoIP web conference, users can expect to take advantage of many great tools, such as;

 Meeting recording: Presentation activity can be documented and archived for review at a later time.
 Slide show presentations: PowerPoint slides can be presented and discussed.
 Live or streaming video: full motion webcams and other digital media files can be used in presentations.
 Whiteboards: Allow the presenter to make annotations or highlight important items.
 Screen sharing/application sharing/desktop sharing: Allows participants to view, in real-time, anything that the presenter may have on their screen. This function also provides a quick and effective way to simultaneously provide large groups of people with documents or other information.

Business seeking to gain heightened benefit from an IP web conferencing function would be best served to couple the technology with an HD voice over IP platform. When used in conjunction with IP web conferencing, HD VoIP provides a cleaner, crisp sound. Users of HD VoIP with web conferencing report better sound quality and the ability to easily recognize speakers in situations where multiple parties are speaking at the same time.

The ability receive clear and easy to recognize dialect, while being able to take advantage of all the tools VoIP web conferencing has to offer will decrease mental fatigue and improve employee productivity.