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People love Cospace.

"I'm a big fan of
companies like Nextiva."

Steve Wozniak
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Steve Wozniak

"Most companies start on one innovation curve, they stay on that curve, and then they die. Nextiva is the exception. They are jumping innovation curves."

Guy Kawasaki
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Guy Kawasaki

"I'm always impressed by Nextiva. They care for their employees, and you see that in how they treat their customers."

Shama Hyder
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Shama Hyder

Simpler than Slack. More useful than Zoom.

Built for people. Not tech wizards.

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Cospace is a communication tool that keeps everyone in your company connected — even if they are working remotely.

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teams organized & focused.

Tired of wasting your workday searching for emails and files?

Group chats are private workspaces for teams to instantly share messages, workday updates, files, and links. One, consistent conversation keeps everything organized in one place.

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Cospace makes it easier than ever to connect with the right people. Invite anyone to your group with an instant invite — no download needed.

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Simplify and clarify everyone’s workday with meetings and tasks that automatically keep teams on-task—with reminders, due dates, and notifications.

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Why your remote
workday sucks.

  • It’s hard to focus on work — notifications are coming in from multiple, different apps all day.
  • You spend more time searching for information than working — everything is in different places.
  • Arranging phone calls, meetings, and discussions takes extra effort and wastes your time.

Make your remote
workday amazing.

  • By using one app for all of your collaboration tools, you’ll have less distractions and more focus.
  • All conversations, files, and links are grouped together and easily searchable — in one place.
  • Instantly schedule meetings, make calls, and chat. The right people are notified and reminded.

It's like having the entire
office in your pocket.

Call, chat, share files, and track tasks on your
mobile phone. Keep your business moving, no
matter where you are.

Fit your business in your pocket
Office on your mobile device
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Securely share your screen
and important files.

Everything on Cospace is encrypted and secure. Share your screen, upload important files, and send messages in a
completely private workspace.

Make remote work better
with Cospace.

Meetings, team messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, and task management.

Collaboration Software FAQ's

Collaboration software enables multiple users to be more productive and work more efficiently by enabling them to share, process, and manage projects, tasks, or other data types in one streamlined system.

While phone, video conferencing, and internal chat are foundational solutions that enhance a company’s ability to collaborate internally, the majority of collaboration tools can be categorized in three groups based on their functional capabilities:

  • Communication – Tools such as email, voicemail, instant messaging, VoIP or video calls, and team, department, or org-wide chat forums that enable communication across time and space.
  • Conferencing – Tools such as video conferencing with shared screen capabilities, document-sharing software, and shared applications where users can simultaneously access certain apps to collaborate on projects and meet face-to-face from anywhere.
  • Coordination – Tools such as calendars, spreadsheets, alerts, and status updates that enable team coordination and collaboration when time is of the essence and schedule are busy.
Nextiva’s collaboration software starts at $14.95 per month and includes features such as file sharing, team chat, meetings and video conferencing functionality, and more.
Collaboration software increases business productivity by reducing the time to get work done (efficiency), improving the quality of interactions and the work product with shared information, reducing time to decisions (coordinated, shared, informed), and increasing employee satisfaction by reducing apps, workload, and information access.

Knowing what to look for in a collaboration software begins with outlining the needs of your organization. Consider the following when you are evaluating collaboration software and vendors:

  • What pain points are you trying to address?
  • What tools or support have your employees requested or recommended?.
  • What capabilities are essential and what features are just nice to have?
  • What is your budget?
  • Does the vendor require a hardware upgrade? Are there any recurring maintenance expenses?
  • What level of technical and vendor support does the collaboration solution include? There must be

Research your options and pick the best collaboration software for your team. You should look for a vendor that provides regular updates and improvements to the software, plus a knowledge center with training and tutorials.

True collaboration unifies people through departments and extends to external contacts (customers, partners and suppliers), regardless of the communication channel used. Establishing consistent communication channels is only the first step in effective collaboration.

The harder part is monitoring the flow of conversation and keeping it organized so that discussions are productive and can be acted upon — and that’s where many companies fall short.

Nextiva offers a collaboration software solution that streamlines communication into a single conversation view. This method of simplifying communication into a single view makes it easier for employees to collaborate and move faster without any of the downsides, such as app switching or lack of context.

Unify your team on a
single conversation app

Get it together

Sometimes asynchronous communication works just fine, and other times you need real-time collaboration through chats, texts, and video meetings to move a project forward fast.

When you’ve got everyone on the same page on a single app that handles all your team conversations, all of the silos disappear and the finish line doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Digital collaboration is not perfect yet — but with the rise of remote work and hybrid work, we need to streamline processes more than ever.

Remote work amplified pre-existing pain points – lack of transparency, cross-team communication, and no office life reduces opportunities for both formal and casual conversations. Teams are feeling the acute need to mimic watercooler conversations and find ways to have a better and more visible high level "master overview" of all ongoing projects and issues.

What’s happened instead is that teams tried 80+ new collaboration tools, with only 3% having reduced their stack. This demonstrates that no single tool provides “collaboration nirvana” and the will to experiment with tools to better work together. You’ve heard about “Zoom fatigue” and now we have tool overload plaguing the dispersed office space.

Enter Nextiva’s collaboration software.

What is Nextiva’s Collaboration Software?

Nextiva’s collaboration software enables a continuous experience between messaging, calling, and meetings.

Nextiva’s collaboration tools are built to streamline your communication efforts and how you collaborate with team members by pulling all communication into a single platform. You never have to scroll through messages in your inbox and chat apps searching for information – this online collaboration tool keeps your conversations transparent and organized into a unified stream.

No more switching between different apps that interrupt your workflow and waste time – this collaboration tool helps resolve the chaos of sorting through files in different services and apps. This modern, web-based software solution saves time lost so you can work directly in the browser without needing any additional standalone applications.

What business challenges can collaboration software solve?

We have all been part of organizations that do not collaborate or communicate, and we all know how frustrating this can be. Office-based tasks that were once completed without a second thought have become much more difficult in a remote setting.

Collaboration software allows businesses to create a centralized hub for workplace communication. It can facilitate all kinds of work, from brainstorming to sharing expertise to creating an ad. Combine that with virtual meeting rooms, presentation spaces, informal chats between colleagues, and you’ve got a powerful platform that can help your team work more efficiently.

Collaboration software can also help teams run more efficiently in the following ways:

  • Remove the gap between employees no matter where they are located
  • Run effective virtual meetings
  • Organize shared files and complete projects faster
  • Increase overall team productivity
  • Improve communication between employees
  • Strengthen team relationships

What are the available features?

The signature feature of Nextiva’s collaboration software is threaded conversations – this view syncs and threads messages across your channels of communication (voice, text, email) into a single view. This custom feature is one that competitor softwares like Ringcentral, Dialpad, 8x8 don’t offer. With threaded conversations, you can cut through the noise to connect with your clients, suppliers, partners and contractors in a single, easy to use digital workspace.

Nextiva’s collaboration software also includes the following features:

  • Video meetings
  • Calendaring
  • Team chat rooms
  • Centralize document sharing workspace
  • Call pop to see who’s calling before you answer the phone
  • Engage with customers in their medium of choice — phone, SMS, chat, email — all from one platform.
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