NextivaONE product updates

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New headset buttons support, host controls, and persistent login. 
Check out the video below to learn more. 

  • Now, you can call teams (aka as groups or hunt groups) directly from NextivaONE. Search for the team name in the contact panel or when transferring calls to call or text a team. 
  • NextivaONE now supports Plantronics, Poly, and Jabra headset call controls, such as answer, end, mute, and unmute, via the headset’s physical control buttons. 

NOTE: Plantronics devices will require the hub software available here. Not all devices are fully compatible.

  • Once logged into NextivaONE, you will remain logged in for up to seven days, even when the computer is idle or in hibernation. 
  • As the host of a meeting in NextivaONE, you can control who can invite participants and accept invites, including the ability to mute audio, disable screen sharing and video for all participants, and more – all from one screen.

For more information on host settings, click here


Transferring a call to a team


Host settings


New audio preferences, call recording capabilities, and persistent Caller ID. 
Check out the video below to learn more. 

  • Now you can choose your default audio settings (microphone and speaker) for both phone calls and video meetings from one place. Also, when activating a new audio device mid-call/video, such as headphones, the switch is seamless as NextivaONE automatically recognizes and remembers your audio devices. For more information on audio settings, click here


  • Instantly start/pause/resume call recording while on an active call without having to put the call on hold and dialing a feature access code (such as *48). Now the call recording controls are available directly from the call control panel (aka active call widget) within the NextivaONE desktop application. For more information on call recording, click here.


  • Now you can see who’s calling directly from the call control panel (aka active call widget) while using the NextivaONE desktop application. Not only can you see the caller’s name, but you can also see if the call is coming from a call center queue or hunt group (i.e., shows if the call came from sales or support).


  • Now you can enable Do not disturb to temporarily silence alerts and stop notifications from popping onto your screen while using the desktop app or browser version.

For more information on availability and settings in NextivaONE, click here

  • When a call is on hold, now you can click the ellipsis and 1) transfer the call and 2) start a conference (add more people to the call).

For more information on managing calls, click here.  

  • No need to manually dial the phone number you see on your screen — just highlight the phone number, hit the hotkeys (Mac: command + shift + D & Windows: control + shift + D), and the call will automatically be initiated.




  • Added a “+” next to “Conversations” on the left panel, allowing users to quickly start a new chat with their teammate. Additionally, before their very first conversation, the user will see “click the + button to start a new conversation.” After there is a history of conversations, users won’t see that message any more — they’ll just see the names of the teammates they’ve chatted with.
  • When creating a video call, the contact card no longer shows on video meeting.
  • Archived contacts are no longer visible in contact list.

  • When contact is changed from private to shared, now it is not deleted from user’s contact list.

  • Users can now hover over any unsaved numbers in group text’s to instantly add as a new contact. 

  • Now all participants names are included in the contact card for Rooms. 

  • Users can now create and save a contacts manually.

  • Nextiva added a delay to connectivity messages to allow the device to re-establish connectivity and now only reports a lost connectivity message to user when network is unreachable. 

  • Users can now access settings directly in the desktop app instead of the browser. 

  • Teams are now searchable and callable in Contacts.

  • Now the “End call for all” message displays only for the hosts. 

  • The “Start a Conference” option now is enabled in the drop down while on a 1:1 call after ending a conference call.

  • Fixed the issue with users who have call recording enabled and not being able to leave voicemails. 

  • User is able to make a call by clicking the call icon in the contact’s card.

  • Users now see a preview message on group texts from external number.

  • Now users can remove attachments when trying to send multiple attachments. 

  • Fixed the issue when editing room names. 

  • The sidebar chat during video call now shows each user’s name correctly.

  • When user creates a new message using the “+” icon, they can type a message, view the header, and see contact card as expected.

  • User can now upload html, zip, txt, ahk, csv, and pdf files to a chat.

  • Now rooms marked as “Favorites” can be found in left menu under “Favorites” and under “Rooms”.

  • Now users can chat during video meetings.

  • When a brand new group conversation is created, the new conversation has no link to any other conversations.

  • The name of the room owner now displays correctly before an instant video call in My Room.

  • My Room now correctly displays owner’s name and allows users to click the video icon to start a video call.
  • Users can now join a call in their own room. 
  • During video meetings, chat is now available for all users.
  • When a user starts a new 1:1 conversation with a teammate, now only one chat room is created.
  • Email unread count is now correct.
  • Draft emails that were originally a reply/forward now send correctly.
  • Email drafts are now automatically saved regardless of where user clicks on the screen.
  • If user connected their Outlook/Google calendar and then connected their Outlook/Google email, the user couldn’t send any emails. Now emails are sent no matter which order the Outlook/Google calendar and email is integrated.
  • User can now open and work on a draft email without the distraction of a contact card sliding into view. The contact card can still be accessed by clicking the icon to the right.
  • Email folders now mirror names seen in Outlook email.
  • A user can now fully erase an email account — all email folders related to a deleted email account are also deleted.
  • Now users can access all their email drafts, not just the last 25.
  • Call waiting fixed for Android users so now the second caller is sent to VM or the user can place caller one on hold while answering caller two.
  • Deleting a voicemail no longer generates a missed call notification.
  • Missed calls status is now changed to “read” after viewing for 3 seconds. Placed calls are no longer being tallied as missed calls.
  • Fixed the issue with the badge count now displaying the same across all open tabs. 
  • Users will now see notifications displayed in their time zone. If no time zone is indicated in app, system will default to browser’s time zone.
  • All Windows desktop app users can now consistently enjoy NextivaONE click to call dialing functionality.



  • Fixed the issue causing desktop phone calls to disconnect while signed into mobile app.
  • When a user adds a NextivaONE meeting link to the details section of the invite, users can now click on that link to instantly join a meeting.
  • In addition to the creator, now all users can delete the reoccurrence of the event with one of three options: delete only this event, delete this and following events, or delete all events.
  • Improved the dial-in experience to now allow participants to join before the meeting starts.
  • Group conversations now have a limit of at least three users.
  • The badge counts are now accurate when the user is in a chat session.
  • Resolved the issue causing the host name to be displayed twice under the participant list.
  • Also resolved an issue where participants who left a meeting are displayed multiple times.
  • Resolved the issue with the new meeting form not loading all the time.
  • Solved issue where participants are unable to leave a meeting. 
  • Fixed the issues with bell notifications in video meetings not working properly.
  • Admins can use the MSI file type to silently install NextivaONE for all users. Additionally, Admins receive MSI updates via email.
  • Allows you to search for a contact and dial that contact from the desktop or mobile app — then push that call to your desk phone so you can talk there instead through the app.


  • If you have a call center license assigned, you can instantly manage your call center status (available/unavailable) and outbound phone number directly from the top of the screen of NextivaONE by clicking the Headset. You can also instantly access your call center settings from here. For more information, click here
  • Join a video meeting by ID. In addition to the meeting link and dialing in, NextivaONE users can now instantly join meetings using only the meeting ID. For more information on meetings, click here.
  • For video meetings with over 25 participants, the video and microphone are off by default for new participants only. If an active video participant drops, then someone else can take their place by turning their camera back on.
  • The minimized view icon no longer disappears when the main window is resized.
  • Fixed several scenarios when joining video meetings that would show an error to ensure a much better overall video meeting experience for internal and guest participants.
  • Resolved the intermittent issue that would prevent hosts from ending meetings.
  • Fixed several meeting recording and recording notification related issues. 
  • Fixed error with contact integration to help prevent duplicate contacts.
  • Always see incoming call notification boxes, even when NextivaONE app is minimized. When you click to answer the call, the NextivaONE app will open, and you can proceed with your call as you usually do.
  • You can now download and delete their voicemails.
  • Updating NextivaONE to ensure that Unity Supervisor can now start and end calls, answer calls, do warm and blind transfers, and conference.


  • In addition to the meeting link and dialing in, now you can instantly join a meeting by entering the meeting ID directly in NextivaONE.
  • Now user’s can enable/disable location forwarding directly from NextivaONE. For more information, click here.
  • Now you can instantly search and edit call flows in NextivaONE under the Contacts panel.
  • Admins and users no longer have to access the old Nextiva app to use Call Flow features. Call Flows are now available under contacts so you can transfer a call to the sales department (and send the customer through the Sales Call Flow) by dialing the extension or typing “sales” into search.
  • Call Flows have their own conversation history so you can see incoming/outgoing history for the call flow.
  • Call flow details are visible, similar to the contact card, so you can see key info on a call flow (display name, first/last name, extension, phone number).


  • Users can now enable/disable call forwarding, call routing, and outgoing call settings directly from the NextOS voice settings page.
  • Now you can set your status and availability – including your call center status, and the outbound calling number from NextivaONE. You can also launch the Agent/Supervisor dashboards, see all assigned queues, and join/leave call center queues (if allowed by the account admin).
  • Users can now set up and enable/disable Nextiva Anywhere, remote office, and simultaneous ring directly from NextivaONE or from the NextOS voice settings page.
  • Users are now able to edit their name, email, reset their password and security pin, and select time zone.
  • Users can enable/disable their voicemail and make changes to basic and advanced voicemail settings.
  • Now users can set their emergency location, including the ability to edit and delete a remote location.
  • If a user has a Meet Me Conference number assigned, they will be able to view their conference numbers directly from NextivaONE and the NextOS voice settings page.


  • Previously, the mobile app had unpredictably silenced notifications, which resulted in missed calls, voicemails, and messages.
  • Login experience. Previously, users experienced an unexpected jump between pages when they logged into the mobile app. This release removes that jump for a smoother experience. 
  • Fixed outbound call screen not displaying in certain scenarios.




  • New SMS/MMS feature. This feature enables users to send and receive texts, images, and gifs with customers and colleagues from their Nextiva business numbers, so they can maintain the professionalism of their business phone number even when they’re on the go.

  • In version 25.0.1, we made the app a little prettier with new colors, and we gave our friends without profile photos a new look. We also released some performance improvements and bug fixes.



  • In version 25.1.0, we added in-app support for audio files (.mp3, .wav, and .m4a) — an exciting new feature for those who use multimedia messages (MMS) to communicate. We also updated the UI and made some performance improvements.