NextivaONE product updates

What’s new in NextivaONE? Choose from below to view recent updates. 



Quickly access voicemail

Access voicemail transcriptions and recordings quickly under the Voicemail tab on the left menu. 

Network status check

When NextivaONE detects an issue with the user’s network connection, the app displays a “Connection lost” message. 




NextivaONE mobile

Quickly view your missed calls and voicemails within the two new tabs on the Calls screen. In the voicemail tab, you can play, view transcription, respond via call or text, and delete.


Contact management

Bulk edit, delete, and export contacts

Manage contacts at scale by expanding your contact list into a full-screen view.

From here you can bulk edit, export, and delete contacts by selecting the Bulk Actions drop-down at the top right under Contacts. You can also convert multiple private contacts to shared contacts simultaneously.


Easily call, text, or copy a secondary number

Simply click the hyperlinked secondary phone number on the contact card to call, text, or copy the number.


One-click to add a contact 

Quickly add a new contact by clicking the blue plus (+) icon and selecting Add a business contact.


For more information on contact management, click here.




Sort and filter users by clicking on the topic (name, team, role, status, etc.) at the top of the column. Customize and choose up to five topics to display by selecting the Gear icon to the right. 

Bulk send activation email

Upload new users, but bulk send their welcome email when you’re ready. 


For more information, click here



Network status check

When NextivaONE detects an issue with the user’s network connection, the app displays a “Connection lost” message. 

Keyboard shortcuts 

Now you can highlight phone numbers outside of NextivaONE and hit CTRL + SHIFT + H to instantly start a new call (Windows only). 

To view all keyboard shortcuts, click here. 




Call pop: Answer calls up to 80% faster 

For incoming calls, call pop will appear instantly, ensuring your customers get attention right away.

TIP: To mute the ringtone, click the mute icon on the top right of the call pop window.




Mobile app: Instantly switch your device during an active call

  • Transfer a call from your desktop app to your mobile phone by hitting the ellipsis in your Nextiva mobile app dialer. 
  • Also, if you have a Bluetooth device connected, your call will now default to Bluetooth.




Meetings: Enhanced calendar integrations

If you’ve created a recurring meeting in Google or Outlook, you can fully edit or delete the meeting series right in NextivaONE.

Learn how to schedule and edit a meeting.




Contacts: Improved data controls

You now have the flexibility to keep or delete imported private contacts when you disconnect your Google or Outlook sync.

Learn how to integrate your contacts. 





NEW: Easily update to the best app version 

Running the latest version of the app ensures you’ve got the latest features, enhancements, and fixes. Now, updating your app is as easy as hitting the “update” button.

NEW: Auto-accept meeting guests

Eliminate the need to manually accept your meeting guests. Click “auto accept guests” during scheduling, and your guests will let themselves in. 



HOW TO: Start an instant meeting

Get everyone together right now in a virtual meeting. Make it face-to-face by turning your camera on.

  1. Click plus (+) on the top right and select Start a meeting.

  2. Type the name of a team member or an external contact and click Invite.

– OR –

  1. Click Rooms and copy your personal meeting link. 
  2. Share your meeting link and when ready click the meeting link, then click Start now.





HOW TO: Schedule a meeting

Plan in advance and schedule a future meeting. Show your smile by turning your camera on.


1. Schedule your meeting. Invite the team + external guests.



2. Start the meeting. Turn on your camera and sidebar chat.



3. Record the meeting. Share the recording with those who couldn’t make it.


For more information on meetings, click here






Top five NextivaONE hacks 😎

This month, we’re recapping some cool features in NextivaONE.

1. Adding notes to calls.

During or after a phone call, type important details you learned during your call. Call notes are private to you and will be saved and paired with the respective call within your call log and conversation view. For more information, click here



2. Starting an instant meeting.

Instantly start an audio or video meeting to collaborate with multiple teammates. For more information, click here.



3. Calling a team directly.

Call or transfer a call to a team, like Support or Sales. If you don’t have teams set up and you’re an admin, click here

For information on transferring calls, click here



4. Silence all incoming communications.

Enable Do not disturb to temporarily silence alerts and stop notifications from popping onto your screen. You can choose to set do not disturb for a specific time or until you change your status again. For more information, click here



5. Customized group chats

Create rooms to collaborate and share ideas with multiple teammates. Quickly send messages or start a group call using audio or video with just a click of a button. For more information, click here. 









New meetings management, enhanced caller ID, and file preview. 

Check out the video below to learn more. 

Quickly view shared files without downloading.

Now you can preview shared files in texts and team chats. Including audio (mp3), video (mp4), documents (docx and pdf), csv, xls, text files, ppt presentations, and image files.

Manage recurring meetings better.

Now you can edit one occurrence or the whole series directly from NextivaONE. Currently, this only applies to meetings created in NextivaONE.

For more information on meetings, click here. 

Easily identify unknown numbers 

Now you can easily identify unknown numbers with enhanced caller ID in conversation history. Now unknown contacts will be displayed as “Maybe: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME” (until user saves it as a contact). 






New headset buttons support, host controls, and persistent login.

Check out the video below to learn more.

Forget remembering extensions.

Now, you can call teams (aka as groups or hunt groups) directly from NextivaONE. Search for the team name in the contact panel or when transferring calls to call or text a team. 

Control the call from your headset.

NextivaONE now supports Plantronics, Poly, and Jabra headset call controls, such as answer, end, mute, and unmute, via the headset’s physical control buttons. 

Log in less and still be secure.

Once logged into NextivaONE, you will remain logged in for up to seven days, even when the computer is idle or in hibernation. 

Relieve the hosting burden.

As the host of a meeting in NextivaONE, you can control who can invite participants and accept invites, including the ability to mute audio, disable screen sharing and video for all participants, and more – all from one screen.

For more information on host settings, click here.





New audio preferences, call recording capabilities, and persistent Caller ID. 

Check out the video below to learn more. 

Set up your default audio device

Now you can choose your default audio settings (microphone and speaker) for both phone calls and video meetings from one place. Also, when activating a new audio device mid-call/video, such as headphones, the switch is seamless as NextivaONE automatically recognizes and remembers your audio devices. For more information on audio settings, click here.

Instantly start/pause/resume call recording

Now the call recording controls are available directly from the call control panel (aka active call widget) within the NextivaONE desktop application. For more information on call recording, click here.

Remember who you’re talking to with persistent Caller ID

Now you can see who’s calling directly from the call control panel (aka active call widget) while using the NextivaONE desktop application. Not only can you see the caller’s name, but you can also see if the call is coming from a call center queue or hunt group (i.e., shows if the call came from sales or support).





Work in peace 

Now you can enable Do not disturb to temporarily silence alerts and stop notifications from popping onto your screen while using the desktop app or browser version.

For more information on availability and settings in NextivaONE, click here

Transferring & conference calls

When a call is on hold, now you can click the ellipsis and 1) transfer the call and 2) start a conference (add more people to the call).

For more information on managing calls, click here.  

Highlight to call

Now you can just highlight the phone number, hit the hotkeys (Mac: command + shift + D & Windows: control + shift + D), and the call will automatically be initiated.





  • Added a “+” next to “Conversations” on the left panel, allowing users to quickly start a new chat with their teammate.  
  • Users can now hover over any unsaved numbers in group text’s to instantly add as a new contact.

  • Users can now access settings directly in the desktop app instead of the browser. 

  • Teams are now searchable and callable in Contacts.

  • User can now upload html, zip, txt, ahk, csv, and pdf files to a chat.

  • During video meetings, chat is now available for all users.




  • When a user adds a NextivaONE meeting link to the details section of the invite, users can now click on that link to instantly join a meeting.
  • Admins can use the MSI file type to silently install NextivaONE for all users. Additionally, Admins receive MSI updates via email.
  • Now you can search for a contact and dial that contact from the desktop or mobile app,  then push that call to your business phone. 


  • If you have a call center license assigned, you can instantly manage your call center status (available/unavailable) and outbound phone number directly from the top of the screen of NextivaONE by clicking the Headset. You can also instantly access your call center settings from here. For more information, click here
  • Join a video meeting by ID. In addition to the meeting link and dialing in, NextivaONE users can now instantly join meetings using only the meeting ID. For more information on meetings, click here.
  • For video meetings with over 25 participants, the video and microphone are off by default for new participants only. If an active video participant drops, then someone else can take their place by turning their camera back on.


  • In addition to the meeting link and dialing in, now you can instantly join a meeting by entering the meeting ID directly in NextivaONE.
  • Now user’s can enable/disable location forwarding directly from NextivaONE. For more information, click here.
  • Now you can instantly search and edit call flows in NextivaONE under the Contacts panel.


  • Users can now set up and enable/disable Nextiva Anywhere, remote office, and simultaneous ring directly from NextivaONE or from the NextOS voice settings page.
  • If a user has a Meet Me Conference number assigned, they will be able to view their conference numbers directly from NextivaONE. 




  • New SMS/MMS feature. This feature enables users to send and receive texts, images, and gifs with customers and colleagues from their Nextiva business numbers, so they can maintain the professionalism of their business phone number even when they’re on the go.