Managing meetings using NextivaONE

Schedule and manage your meetings and calendar events directly from NextivaONE using NextOS Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook. ​For information on how to integrate with Google Calendar or Outlook, click here.

Under the calendar view click on any meeting to view more details, such as participants, the meeting link, and meeting ID number. ​You can also respond or change your response to meeting invites from here.


Starting a meeting 

Instantly start a meeting to collaborate with multiple teammates. 

Click Plus (+) on the top right corner and select Start a meeting. Choose your audio and video preferences and click Start now

NOTE: There is also an option to dial into the bridge and skip the computer audio if you prefer. 

Enter the names or email addresses of those you would like to invite, or copy the invitation to send via email or calendar invite, for example.

Scheduling a meeting

Below are all the different ways you can create a meeting: 

  • Click plus (+) on the top right corner and select Schedule a meeting.
  • Clicking plus (+) on the top right corner of the Calendar view.
  • Click on any time slot in any Calendar view.

Under Create a meeting, enter a name, choose a date and time, and the recurrence of the meeting. 

Select the calendar to use, such as the Nextiva Calendar, Google Calendar or Outlook.

Search for teammates name or enter the email address of those you would like to invite to the meeting. Choose to Invite participants to join you in Nextiva Meetings

TIP: Copy and paste the URL of the meeting into the Location field and the meeting ID and phone number in the Details field if you would like this information to be displayed in the invite. 

Click More options to add co-hosts and adjust additional meeting settings. Click Create when done.

Joining a meeting 

To join a meeting, click Plus (+) on the top right corner and select Join a meeting and enter the meeting ID or meeting link. You can also join a meeting by clicking the meeting email invite/link, or by dialing in and entering the Meeting ID, if provided by the host or co-host. 

To join a meeting using only the meeting ID, click Plus (+) on the top right corner and select Join a meeting. Enter the meeting ID and click Confirm to join. 

Editing a meeting

To edit the details of an existing meeting, under the calendar view, double-click on the meeting and select Edit.

Deleting a meeting

To delete an existing meeting and cancel the meeting for all invited participants, double-click on the meeting and select Delete > Yes, delete.

Meeting settings

As the host of a meeting in NextivaONE, you can control who can invite participants and accept invites, including the ability to mute audio, disable screen sharing and video for all participants, and more. 

Hosts can also assign another participant as a co-host, and they will receive the same permissions.​ Assign co-hosts so when you end the meeting, it doesn’t end the meeting for all participants. You can assign a co-host when scheduling a meeting prior to the meeting time. 

To access host settings, click the ellipses (…) from the meeting control panel > Meeting settings > Host settings. 

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