Managing calls using NextivaONE

Nextiva can replace the need for a physical desk phone or hardware – allowing you to quickly make and receive calls from your computer or tablet, for example, including the ability to transfer calls and attach notes to a call. You can also view and listen to voicemail messages directly from here.

For information on video calls, click here.

Making outbound calls

Below are all the different ways you can start a call using NextivaONE:  

Click the Phone icon at the top.
Click the Plus (+) icon on the top right and select Make a call
Click the Phone icon from any contact or teammates profile.

Enter the name or number and click Call.

Receiving inbound calls

When receiving an inbound call, Nextiva Call Pop will appear on the bottom right corner, allowing you to accept or decline the call. 

If the number is already associated with a contact, it will display the contact details. 

Click on the contact’s name to pull up additional contact details, including all interactions, such as calls, notes, and messages.  

Active call controls

While on an active call, you can place the call on hold/resume, mute the audio, transfer, and add a note. 

TIP: Need to seamlessly move a live call from the mobile app to your computer? While on a live call using the mobile Nextiva app, open NextivaONE on your computer and dial *11 on the dial pad then select the call button when you’re ready to move the call. 

Transferring a call

Click the ellipses and select Transfer. Enter the name or number and choose to blind or warm transfer. You can also choose to forward the call directly to voicemail. 

Adding a note

To add a note about a call, click the Note icon and enter the note. Notes will show on the call interaction in the conversation thread. Notes are private to only you, even if the contact is public to all teammates. 

After you end the call, the note will then be displayed in the conversation thread so you can easily reference what the call was about.

Viewing and listening to your voicemail 

To view and listen to voicemail messages, click on the message to view the voicemail transcription or click the Play button to listen to the voicemail.

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