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During user creation, you can choose to organize users by assigning them to a team. There are default teams built-in, but you can always edit them or add more. Teams are used for routing calls to a group of users (a.k.a. call groups / hunt groups)

Creating a new team

From the NextOS admin dashboard, select Teams.

To create a new team, click Create team. Add a name, assign users, and click Create.

Editing a team

To edit an existing team, hover over a team name to reveal the Actions menu. Select Edit Team to update the team name or assigned users.

Setting up team voice settings

To define the voice settings for a team, a user with a business phone service license must be assigned to the team. For instructions on how to create a user and assign a team, click here.

Under Teams, hover over the team and click Actions > Voice Settings.

Phone Number 

Assign a phone number or a four-digit extension number to dial the team directly. You can also add a call forward unreachable number.

Add additional phone numbers or extensions by clicking Add Number. You can also choose a ringtone to help identify the number called based on a particular tone or pattern.

Call Distribution 

Set up call distribution settings for the team, such as ring patterns for incoming calls, call waiting, and caller ID settings. 


Adjust team voicemail settings, such as the voicemail PIN, greeting, the number of rings before voicemail picks up, and voicemail to email. Click Voicemail (advanced) to configure the busy greeting, storage options, and more.  

NOTE: You can access the team voicemail by dialing *86 from a Nextiva Phone. Then press star (*) followed by the extension number and PIN. 


Forward all incoming calls to the team’s primary phone number to another number based on a defined schedule or condition, providing the flexibility to receive calls anywhere. 

For more information on call forwarding, click here.


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