Call Forwarding Overview

Call Forwarding redirects incoming calls to another number, giving Users the flexibility to receive calls anywhere. With Call Forwarding, Users can define when their incoming calls need to be forwarded and to which phone number to route them. Additionally, Users can forward calls based on a defined schedule.

Nextiva offers multiple Call Forwarding options that can be applied to Users, Call Centers, Call Groups, and Auto Attendants. Click the headline of any desired Call Forwarding option for setup information: 

Call Forward Always

Out of the office for the day? Activate Call Forward Always to automatically forward all incoming calls to a mobile device or another phone number. For example, when Users are out of the office or go on vacation and would still like to receive all their phone calls, they can turn on Call Forward Always to forward calls to their mobile phone until they disable the feature. Simply turn off the feature to route calls back to the office phone.

Call Forward Selective

Out on a holiday? Use Call Forward Selective to forward calls specific to that holiday and ensure that forwarding automatically deactivates when the holiday ends. Call Forward Selective allows Users to set up forwarding for predetermined holidays and events, giving them the flexibility to ensure calls forward on a schedule they choose. Need to redirect certain calls? Call Forward Selective forwards User-specified incoming calls to another phone number under predetermined conditions. This feature is great if Users have certain calls they would like to route to a specific number.

Call Forward When Busy

Busy on the phone? Turn on Call Forward When Busy to forward calls to another number to ensure that all calls are routed in the desired way. Use Call Forward When Busy to forward all of a User’s incoming calls to a different phone number when Call Waiting is disabled, and they are on another call, or the User’s phone is set to Do Not Disturb. In a Do Not Disturb state, the phone status is busy. Call Forward When Busy allows incoming calls to reach someone else or forward to a different voicemail box where messages can be retrieved at a more convenient time or by another team member.

Call Forward When Unanswered

Can’t get to the phone in time? Use Call Forward When Unanswered to forward all incoming calls to a different phone number if not answered within a specific number of rings. This is a great feature for Users who prefer calls to be answered by a receptionist, assistant, or co-worker, rather than let calls go to voicemail. When the specified number of rings is met, Nextiva automatically forwards the incoming call to another phone number or extension. Only unanswered calls are forwarded when Call Forward When Unanswered is activated.

Call Forward When Unreachable

Phone is offline? Let Call Forward When Unreachable forward incoming calls to another phone number or extension when the phone is offline. This typically happens when the Internet becomes unavailable, or the power goes out.

Location Forwarding

Moving the staff? Location-wide power outage? Use Location Forwarding to forward all calls to all Users within a Location to another phone number or extension. Override the Location Forwarding functionality at any time to route calls to Users as normal. To set up Location Forwarding, please contact our Amazing Service Team at (800) 285-7995 or email




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Updated on November 6, 2019

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