Managing contacts in NextivaONE

Quickly import contacts from Google Contacts or Office 365 to Nextiva or manually add contacts with just a few clicks. 

Click Contacts to view all saved business contacts and teammates. Teammates are other users on the same account, whereas, a business contact may be a customer record or potential prospect. There are specific features only available for teammates, such as team presence and the ability to send and receive internal chat messages. 

You can set business contacts to be public so all teammates can see the contact details, or you can set them private so only you can see the contact details. All public contacts can be edited and deleted by other users on the account. Whereas, private contacts can only be edited and deleted by the user who created the contact. 

Hover over any contact to view contact details or click on any contact to view their full profile – including the entire conversation history.

Adding contacts

To add a contact, click Contacts and choose to manually Add a business contact or import business contacts.  

To import multiple contacts, click Add multiple business contacts. Choose to import from Google Contacts or Office 365 and sign into your account. Choose to keep the contacts private or public to all teammates. Click Import contacts when ready. 

NOTE: You cannot change public contacts to be private once saved.  

To manually add a contact, enter the contact details, such as their first and last name and phone number. Choose private or public and click Save when ready.

Adding favorites

Add contacts or teammates as favorites so they are easily accessible.

To add a favorite, click the Star next to the contact’s name.
To remove someone from your favorites, click the
Star again. ​

Adding notes to contacts

Add notes to contacts by selecting Add note on the lower left of the contact’s profile. 

Editing contacts

Select the contact to view their profile and click the ellipses > Edit contact.

Archiving contacts

Archived contacts will not appear in the contact list, however you will still be able to view the previous conversation history (calls and messages) with all archived contacts. 

To archive a contact, select the contact to view their profile and click the ellipsesArchive

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