Notifications and settings in NextivaONE


Set up notifications that work best for you during the times that matter most. 

The Notifications icon on the top right shows the number of new or unseen notifications. Here you can see notifications for missed calls, voicemails, messages, meetings, and more.

Click Clear all to remove all notifications. You can also pause notifications for a specified time by clicking the Do Not Disturb icon.


Profile settings

Select My Settings from the top menu to access your Nextiva profile settings, such as your username and password. Under Profile, you can edit your personal information, including your username, password, and security PIN. ​The security PIN is required when requesting assistance from Nextiva. ​

Nextiva Voice settings

To access your Nextiva voice settings, such as voicemail and call forwarding, select My Settings > Calls. For more information, click here

Audio preferences

To access your NextivaONE audio settings, select My settings > Audio. From here, you can set up your default audio settings (microphone and speaker) for phone calls and video meetings from one place. 

NOTE: The device must be connected to the computer to choose that device.

Desktop configurations

To set up your call pop screen position, select My settings > Desktop configurations. From here, you can select the screen and the placement to display the incoming call alert. 

Administration settings

To access NextOS administration settings, such as users and licensing, select Administration settings from the top menu. 


To access billing information, such as payment details and invoices, select Billing from the top menu. 

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