Nextiva Voice product updates

What’s new in NextivaONE? Choose from below to view recent updates. 


Device management

Device management allows admins the freedom to control devices right in NextOS. 

Here are the latest additions to supported devices:

  • Yealink T54W
  • Poly Edge E220, E300, E350, E550


  • Administrators can now see an accurate display of monitored users if configured for the primary user on the phone.
  • Now administrators are able to fully delete Shared Call Appearance user.
  • Administrators can now select to display call recording settings on an active call.
  • Administrators can now edit a devices monitored users.
  • Call center users can now select an outgoing number even if the account happens to have multiple DNISs with the same name.
  • Fixed the issue so now administrators can edit the selective call rejection settings.
  • Fixed the issue when assigning multiple call arrangement with five or less under shared call appearance. 



  • All users will be able to view their phone details, including the phone model and mac address from the NextOS voice settings page.


  • Fixed the issue when creating call flows with multiple phone menus with certain options based on options of other phone menus.


  • Updated device info section under user voice settings.
  • The Role field is now a required field when creating a new (or editing an existing) user that does not currently have a role.
  • Removed SMS enable page for multi-user accounts in the onboarding wizard.
  • Fixed error under call routing. Changes are now saved without the error screen.
  • Fixed error under business hours so the Sunday button stays in place.
  • Toggle switches under the voice settings sections now move immediately when clicked.


  • Dial by extension or name in call flow. If you have more than one location, now you can give your callers the option to dial by name or extension for each location. 
  • New phone number search field – now you can quickly find phone numbers when assigning to a user or a team with new search option.
  • Now you can choose the enterprise phone number and have that location be used to build the call flow. 
  • Admin users can now assign an outgoing number & caller ID to a location when created.
  • Team voicemail and call distribution are now aligned with the call forward unanswered setting, if enabled.
  • Updated the issue when uploading less than five seconds of an audio file.
  • Added error message when saving additional extensions that are already in use by another user.
  • You can now search for teams using just the extension.
  • Autofill of a contact’s email address from the contact record so you don’t have to type it in each time–nobody has time for that.
  • Added notification for when licenses are not available to be assigned to users. 
  • Added a more descriptive message for invalid email addresses when editing or creating users.
  • Autofill of a contact’s email address from the contact record so you don’t have to type it in each time–nobody has time for that.
  • Added notification for when licenses are not available to be assigned to users.
  • Added a more descriptive message for invalid email addresses when editing or creating users.
  • Less clicks! We removed the “start from scratch” page when creating a new call flow. 
  • Added additional text to nodes so you can easily understand what each one does and how to use them.
  • The time zone field for business hours can now be edited while the call flow is live.
  • Adding and editing an address under emergency locations is now consistent with locations.
  • Enhancements in data cleansing while importing .csv files to strip non-numeric characters from phone numbers and any extra white space. 
  • Resolved the issue when trying to select an automated suggestion in the Voicemail to Email field under the user voice settings.
  • Updated so you can save a voicemail greeting with special characters.
  • Resolved the duplicates in the phone numbers drop down menu. 
  • Resolved the issue with the ringtone option not saving under team voice settings. 
  • Resolved the issue when attempting to deactivate call flows.
  • Fixed the issue with voicemail files being converted to a larger size. 
  • Now admin users can access teams page. 
  • Fixed the onboarding wizard issues – was not loading after account creation and users were unable to change location address in wizard. 
  • Fixed bug for when services were not assigned correctly for teams.
  • Added an error message for when a user tries to activate a call flow with a number that is already in use.
  • After successfully saved, save/cancel bar no longer appears again. 
  • Action button no longer cuts off line/port name under shared call appearance.
  • Removed extra validation from # of rings field under sequential ring. 
  • Removed pointer when hovering over description under business hours. 
  • Removed extra validation after a phone number is deleted. 
  • Disabled add number option while saving. 
  • Fixed an error that was causing additional extensions to not save. 
  • Added a warning when removing a primary number from a user that has a remote location set up. 
  • Users can no longer be updated to a non-specified role. 
  • Number of users assigned to a role display is no longer cropped. 
  • Fixed the ability to bulk activate and deactivate 15+ users, and long usernames from cutting into second column. 
  • Restricted the save and cancel buttons while user is being created. 
  • Can no longer enter special characters in the phone number field.
  • New validation message if first 10 characters of location name is not unique.
  • Fixed the city field for specific addresses under locations. 
  • Removal of double save buttons.
  • Added new error message when upload is over 2mb under voicemail. 
  • Fixed bug that was increasing the size of uploaded voicemail files. 
  • Locations business hours
  • Always open (24/7) now saves. 
  • Error message now shows if your extension is not correct length.
  • Prevented users from deleting a busy greeting that is in use for teams voicemail. 
  • No longer able to create a team name over 80 characters. Also, updated the validation message to show the correct special characters allowed in team name (a-z0-9.,-_@’^*():|~`<>!). 
  • Validation no longer shows when valid phone number entered under call forwarding always. 
  • Fixed error that caused white screen when editing users. 
  • Removed validation forcing a 4-digit extension on edit user’s page. 



  • Advanced holiday business hours options. Now you can schedule single days off, which is important for the holiday season.
  • Live call flow editing for voicemail, transfer out, and call flow nodes. 


  • One central location to update all user settings, allowing more flexibility for users. 
  • Improved the caller id and naming for generated bw objects.  


  • Ability to add outbound caller ID for approved phone numbers on users for NextOS
  • Enable call forwarding when not reachable, call forward unanswered, call forward always, call forward busy, call forward selective, for teams.
  • Added a warning message when updating team being used in call flow. 


  • Added send voicemail notification field to users and teams voice settings.


  • Ability to edit, announcements, phone menu, business hours, greetings while call flow is live.
  • View details on active call flows, including team members under teams node.
  • Voice HIPAA support in NextOS. All voice settings are HIPAA compliant in NextOS for new HIPAA accounts.
  • We’ve added the ability to set call forwarding on teams, and we’ve added new user phone settings. With these latest updates, admins have more ways to route calls and users have more control of their own phone settings.

  • When creating a call flow, now you can route to a single user or team following the user’s or teams voice settings. 


  • Released new onboarding wizard for customers between 2-10 lines
  • Ability to add users to multiple locations. 


  • Improved error messaging under call flows to help customers self-serve. Added validation messages on each node to show where updates need to be made. 
  • Transfer to operator enhancements under call flows. 
  • Added call flow as a phone menu option. 
  • Now you can use any outgoing number assigned to your account, regardless of location as a primary number on a call flow. 


  • Fixed bugs for location addresses.
  • Usability updates for adding phone number and extensions to user table. 
  • Number transfer wizard improvements. 
  • Add multiple numbers and extensions to start call flows. 


  • Added a new onboarding wizard for single line accounts. 
  • Start call flow by extension.