Astra 57i Review
Multiple line desk IP phone by Aastra

Small businesses seeking a professional, executive class IP phone will greatly enjoy the Astra 57i. Not only does it maintain a sleek and modern professional appearance but it also comes equipped several business enhancing features; uniquely beneficial for busy executives or employees who spend most of their work days on the telephone.
As one of the most favorable asterisk IP phones on the market, the Astra 57i allows users to take full advantage of XML based programs effortlessly, thanks in part to the 144 x 128 LCD screen. Some of the greatest advantages of the 57i are the 6 dynamic context-sensitive soft keys, 18 dedicated hard key and 12 programmable keys. It is also capable of supporting expansions enabling the possibility of more than 60 one touch keys.
Not only does the 57i contain a built in full-duplex speaker phone, it is also wideband audio compatible and supports 4 distinct lines. Making the Astra 57i VoIP phone the ideal solution for busy call centers, professionals required to perform hard telephone based work and executives.

Aastra 57i Features:

• Full duplex speaker phone
• 4 lines
• Excellent for busy call centers
• 144 x 128 graphical LCD display
• 6 context-sensitive soft keys
• XML web application compatible
• Expansion capability
• 18 dedicated hard keys
• 12 programmable keys