Polycom manufacturers some of the best business VoIP phones on the market, especially when one considers quality and innovation. Not much compares with Polycom.
We are excited to announce our lowest pricing in company history on Polycom’s most popular business VoIP phones, the Polycom IP 331 and the Polycom 550.

Polycom 331 - $82.95

Polycom 550 - $154.95

The Polycom 331 is now priced at $82.95 while the Polycom 550 is being sold for $154.95. Better yet, the Polycom 550 includes a $50 mail-in-rebate. Essentially bringing the phone down to only $104.95.
If you’re looking for a phone that support HD-Voice codecs and technology, look no further, the Polycom 550 is the way to go. By coupling the Polycom 550 with the Nextiva network, calls sound crystal clear.
This pricing is not promotional and is available to all Nextiva clients.
We work hard to deliver the lowest possible rates to our clients and hope to inform you in the near future of even bigger discounts.