These days, there’s a password for everything. But in the interest of your own security, every password should be different, which makes remembering them a difficult task. The following are some creative ways that can help you create new passwords and actually remember them all.

Remember 100 different passwords with 1 rule
One way to generate unique passwords that you can remember is to choose a base password and then include part of the name of the service associated with it, recommends An example is use your base password – say “Love” – and add letters from the service. So your Yahoo password might be LOVEYHAO and your Google password cloud be “GOGLOVE”. Or, you can use your initials or favorite number to start plus the first 3 letters of a service name. So for Amazon, John Bob Smith could use JBS10AMA. To make a password even more secure, or applicable for services that require other characters, add special characters around it, like # JBS10AMA#.

Here are some other examples of patterns you could use:

  • Three letters, special character, three numbers
  • Three numbers, special character, three letters
  • Take a word and insert numbers and special characters in specific positions

Those are the basic components of your new password system. Even the simplest version is a fairly difficult password to crack. If you’re really security conscious you can make passwords stronger by:

  • Use both upper and lower case letters
  • Use more special characters
  • Make the way you combine them more complicated