Cable companies used to be a one-stop shop for consumers when it came to internet, phone and cable services. However, now customers’ preferences are changing and cable companies are seeking to compensate by prioritizing internet over all other products.

Glenn Britt, the chief executive of Time Warner Cable, said, as cited by the Wall Street Journal that: [Internet] has become our primary product… people are telling us that if they were down to their last dollar, they’d drop broadband last.”

With the increasing capabilities of internet connection, people can watch their favorite cable television online without paying for high cable prices. But the phone communication seems to be left out of the equation. If cable companies are placing less focus on providing phone services, what is a consumer to do?

This is where a phone company, such as Nextiva, can help. Nextiva utilizes the consumers’ internet connection to provide phone services at low cost, which is something that a consumer with internet can not just do on his own.

Using the existing internet connection and usually capitalizing on the equipment on hand, a customer can have a fully functioning phone service within minutes. The benefits of using an internet-based phone services is numerous. Long-distance and international phone calls are less expensive. Phone conferencing is made easier. The multi-functionality is immeasurable with online faxing, text-to-speech and vice versa services, voicemail, etc., are all benefits made easier when working with a company like Nextiva.