What Your Business Can Borrow from the “Good Old Days”

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Even baby boomers, whose parents were young during the Great Depression, grew up hearing about “the good old days”. Every generation has its own version of that magical time, even though they all grew up in a world that seemed on the verge of imploding. I know a woman in her 90s who still fondly reminisces about taking a pillow to sleep on the beach because it was too hot to sleep in her third-floor walkup before the advent of air conditioning.


Dig Deeper: What can you learn from your call data?

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Imagine you had a magic magnifying glass that could give you an inside look into a micro-part of your business. Where would you look? What secrets would you want to uncover?

What you’re seeking is data – rich and valuable business insights to help you make decisions and run your business in an optimal manner. That’s where analytics comes in. Business analytics has the ability to deliver unprecedented insights into the inner-workings of your company. It can allow you to raise that magnifying glass to many areas of your operations, including employee activity, team statistics, marketing campaign data, and overall company performance. But that’s really just the beginning. The real question is, why aren’t more companies taking advantage of this? After all, it’s no secret that big data has come a long way. We should be diving in and uncovering the hidden secrets of our businesses in order to make smarter and more informed decisions about things like staffing, campaign management, hiring, and more. With that in mind, here are some examples of how analytics can work for you:


Mondays with Mike: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Niche Specialization

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Why does specialization affect profitability?  It’s pretty darn simple.  If you have a sore throat, then any general practitioner will do.  They’ll look at your throat, do a strep test, and prescribe an antibiotic if you need one.  Easy.  But if you – Heaven forbid – have throat cancer, you’re going to see an oncologist.  You’ll travel further and pay more because you need a specialist.  It’s a matter of life and death, literally.


Creating a Productive Home Office

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Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse; you’re surrounded by the comforts of your own space, but also the distractions of day-to-day life.  Whether you will be working there only part-time or it will be your everyday workspace, you need to make it a productive area.  Here are some tips to making your home office work for you.


Work your Biz Wednesday: How Can I Make my Small Business Attractive to Angel Investors?

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If you’re considering seeking funding to either launch or grow your business, angel investors are one potential source of financing worth considering. But realize: angel investors get pitched every day, and turn down 90% of the startups that approach them. What can you do to put yourself in the best light possible to increase your chances of getting funded?


Tuesday Tips: Smartphones Are Driving More Calls to Businesses — Are You Ready?

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If you thought the rise of digital technology would make good old phone calls to businesses obsolete, think again. Mobile devices and mobile search are actually inspiring more, not fewer, calls to businesses. According to the 2016 Call Intelligence Index, in 2015 digital marketing drove 92 percent of calls to businesses — an increase from 84 percent in 2014.


Mondays with Mike: Twice the Productivity in Half the Time…Really!!

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If I had a nickel for every productivity app and article that’s out there, I’d retire today.  But I don’t.  What I do have – and I suspect you do, too – is a to-do list that never seems to get finished.  I have an endless list of tasks and a finite amount of time in each day.  Short of cloning myself, I had to find some way to manage my workload without simply giving up.

Here’s how I did it.