The Importance of Brand Standards for the Customer Experience

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If you don’t set down and maintain standards for your brand, you may deliver a great customer experience from time to time, but you’re not going to pull this off with any consistency; it’s not going to become something your customers can rely on.

Paradoxically, from the viewpoint of your customer, a great customer experience should look like it was effortless pull off.  To the extent that your company’s efforts are even noticed, great customer service should appear to be the result of a group of thoughtful employees spontaneously choosing to do their jobs quickly, efficiently, and cheerfully.


Tuesday Tip: 5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

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Today, customer service is one part of an overall package called the customer experience (CX for short). CX includes every “touchpoint” at which customers interact with your business, from browsing your website to purchasing your product or service, from post-purchase follow-up to customer service interactions. But what matters most in creating a standout customer experience for your target market?


Mondays with Mike: Need for Speed! Practical Strategies to Get Your Employees to Work Faster

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Even if you’ve assembled a crackerjack staff, you’ll always have an employee or two who is just…well…slow!  You assign them a job that should take half a day, and they manage to stretch it out for most of a week.  Especially if the employee is a great fit for your company culture and otherwise wonderful, you simply have to help your slow employees become more productive.  Lucky for you, there are simple strategies that work beautifully.


How to Boost Friendly Competition Amongst Your Sales Team

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It’s no secret that sales teams love a little competition; after all, friendly competition is a great way to motivate a team to reach their goals. This is especially true when they see that their colleague is just a few points ahead of them. This is where gamification comes in.

Gamification is the use of game-like elements to non-game applications in order to encourage engagement, and it’s gaining traction in the workforce; many companies are seeing a healthy boost in their numbers after rolling out gamification for their sales team.


Work your Biz Wednesday: 5 Great Ideas For Building a Dynamic Website

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For a small business, a website is the most critical tool for branding and generating sales. Its your welcome mat.  If you’re an ecommerce business, it drives the revenue that makes your company viable. If you’re a service business, it’s the best way to demonstrate your expertise. Regardless of whether you sell goods and services, your company's website should convey the solutions you offer, and you'll need to drive traffic there

Here are five ideas for building a dynamic website that provides your small business with a powerful marketing platform!


Mondays with Mike: Fall in Love with your (Business) Partner All Over Again

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My wife and I have never been to a marriage counselor, but we certainly make it a point to nurture our relationship.  Running a company can take a toll on a marriage, and it’s critical that entrepreneurs make time to spend time with their spouses.

But what about your business partner?  As it turns out, many of the things we do to nurture personal relationships are also relevant for business partnerships as well.  What could a marriage counselor tell you that will help you maintain a strong partnership?  Read on!


Nextiva Cares Participates in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: #EveryDropAddsUp

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August has become synonymous with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Nextiva is proud to participate in this annual event for the third year in a row. We joined forces with the local ALS Association Arizona Chapter to take the challenge at our headquarters in Scottsdale. This year we smashed our participation goal, and we had over 218 people take the challenge with us, including team members and executives, neighboring businesses. In total, we will donate $21,800 to the ALS Association Arizona Chapter for this year’s Ice Bucket Challenge!