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July 2010

Nextiva VoIP Phone Review: Polycom SoundStation IP 7000

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Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 VoIP Phone Review

Polycom SoundStation IP 7000The Polycom Soundstation IP 7000 has been referred to as “the world’s most advanced VoIP conference phone” and rightfully so as it boasts more than 20 feet of microphone pickup range and is interoperable with most leading SIP phones and Softswitch platforms.

Like all revolutionary Polycom products, the SoundStation IP 7000 comes complete with patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology and HD Voice, both masterfully engineered to bring clarity and high caliber sound to the conference room.

Flexible configuration options make customization a breeze.
Not only does the SoundStation IP 7000 allow for multi-unit connectivity and the use of expansion microphones but it is also fully compatible with Polycom HDX to meet the demands of a wide variety of conference room scenarios.

Businesses will appreciate the robust VoIP interoperability, advanced call handling, enhanced security management and productivity boosting efficiencies of this XHTML microbrowser equipped conference phone.

The functional applications port effortlessly connects to wireless phone to enable dialing from locations without access to a conventional phone line. Internet dialing is also a possibility by connecting the SoundStation IP 7000 directly to a computer.

Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 Overview:

• Polycom HD Voice and Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity
• 20 foot microphone range
• Integrated Power over Ethernet


Wireless VoIP On The Go

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Wireless networking when integrated with VoIP in a business environment has been proven to greatly enhance productivity, efficiency and employee mobility. Previously, employees were required to remain stationed at their desks in order to maintain communications or access company files. Wireless VoIP enables employees to remain mobile and still receive important business communications from anywhere within range of the company WiFi network.

Outside of the obvious benefits of having instant access to company data information, employees on the go are able to remain connected from around the business location or while on the road. VoIP has significant benefits when deployed in a mobile sector.

There are some challenges associated with implementing VoIP over WiFi networks, however. The development of converged networks has proven to be greatly beneficial in a business environment; especially from a cost benefit and productivity bolstering perspective. Adding VoIP over a wireless network, however, may be problematic if not deployed correctly.

When operating over a VoIP platform, time sensitivity is key. Voice calls must be authenticated and arrive at their intended destination without delay. This requires that voice packets be given higher priority over data transmissions while following the same QoS techniques as wired LANs so that issues such as latency and packet loss do not occur.

Manufacturers of mobile devices have been incorporating WiFi and 3G capabilities into their devices at an increasing rate. Newer operating system platforms enter the market complete with built-in VoIP stacks making it easier for VoIP facilitation in to mobile devices.

Given that mobile phones can now be utilized as mobile offices, the benefits of VoIP to the mobile work force is immense. The ability to communicate via email, text message, video or voice enables remote or travelling employees to remain connected from any geographical location within WiFi range.

Taking advantage of VoIP on a mobile circuit will offer many telecommunications cost reductions and in most cases eliminate the challenges associated with arming employees with traditional cellular phone. Previously, cellular phones involved roaming charges and costly per-minute billing. This is not the case for VoIP enabled businesses. Utilizing VoIP on a mobile phone allows businesses to realize the same great benefits of VoIP as they would inside the office.


Some Benefits Of A Business VoIP Phone

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Small businesses often look at VoIP communications as a way to leverage their existing infrastructure yet look past the benefits of upgrading their conventional telephones to a more technologically advanced IP phone.

While it is true that outfitting an entire business with IP phones can be a costly expense, there are a whole host of special features and tools included in most IP phone that make them a worthy investment. The justification lies in outlining the key features and ensuring that employees will make proper use of them. It is likely that the key features will differ between IP phones, but certain features when used correctly can have many significant advantageous benefits.

Some of the most beneficial IP phone features include:

Client Matter Code or CMC tracking: For professional service companies and those required to track client billable hours certain IP phones can associate inbound and outbound VoIP calling with preprogrammed billing or tracking codes. CMC tracking can record information such as call length or any other information that could be used later for accounting or billing reports.

Touch Screen Display: Most IP phones come equipped with a backlit, pixel-based, touch-screen display. This display allows for easy viewing of call monitoring or even streaming web information. The touch screen principles allow employees to access a number of applications in seconds simply by pressing the corresponding button.

Enhanced Voicemail: Enhanced voicemail through a VoIP provider allows employees on the go to access their voicemails over the Internet or receive the information as email attachments. Enhanced voicemail will notify recipients of new messages through a mobile phone, IP phone, pager, email platform or any other phone available.

Communication Control Features: Using an IP phones communication control feature allows businesses to redirect calls to cell phones or other office locations. Most administrative or managerial tasks that are not handled by the VoIP solutions provider can easily be interfaced through the use of communication control features.


Nextiva VoIP Phone Review: Cisco SPA 508G

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Cisco SPA 508G 8-Line VoIP Phone Review


Small businesses seeking a user-rich and high quality VoIP experience are sure to appreciate that unsurpassed quality of the Cisco SPA 508G 8-line IP Phone. Not only is the 508G aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides HD voice and many on-screen applications.

HD voice provides exceptional call quality and clarity while the enhanced full duplex speakerphone ensures that conversations are delivered and received clearly. Cisco is a global leader in Voice over IP and Unified Communications hardware and therefore small businesses can take ease in knowing that the Cisco SPA 508G is capable of meeting their communications needs.

The SPA 508G was specifically engineered to be used and programmed with very little user training and therefore can be praised for its productivity enhancing probabilities. Employees will be alerted of messages or calls waiting by one of the phones many indicator lights.

Underneath the display screen are four easily programmable soft keys that change depending upon the current state of the phone. There are also eight additional buttons that can be utilized for speed dials or other functions, while dedicated hard keys for voicemail, hold, and phone settings ensure easy access to the most common phone commands.

To further enhance cost savings and functionality, the SPA 508G features two switch ports enabling users to connect both the phone and a computer to a network via a single Ethernet cable. When the phone is moved or plugged into any jack on the network it will maintain is profile and user settings.

Cisco SPA 508G Product Overview:

• Eight Phone Lines
• Full-duplex speaker phone
• Indicator lights
• Dedicated hard keys for Mute, Headset, Speakerphone, Volume, Hold and Voicemail
• Integrated Ethernet
• HD Voice
• Additional support of up to 64 lines with Cisco Expansion Packs


Nextiva Phone Reviews: Aastra 6730i

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Aastra 6730i VoIP Phone Review

AST-6730iAs a small business use SIP phone, the Aastra 6730i provides high quality features and flexibility comparable with most enterprise grade IP telephones. Aside from its unique and high quality design, this multi-line telephone delivers exceptional performance for a fraction of the cost of most IP phones.
The 6730i is capable of supporting up to 6 lines with call displays and maintains the capabilities of supporting many custom XML applications.

This phone is freely supported by Asterisk and comes both Switchvox and Trixbox ready. Employees will appreciate the enhanced call management with extensive storage capabilities and impressive features such as shared calling and bridged line appearances. Like all great SIP phone, the 6730i offers call forward, call transfer, call waiting, intercom and local 3-way conference calling capability.

Much like all 67xi Series IP phones, the 6730i provides full-duplex speakerphone to deliver exceptional call quality. The Aastra 6730i is well known for saving both time and money with enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Aastra 6730i Product Overview:

• SIP 2.0
• XMP Browser Capability
• Enhanced Call Management
• Simplified Deployment
• Customizable
• Cost Efficient


Nextiva VoIP Phone Reviews: Polycom SoundPoint IP 450

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Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 Review
Polycom IP 450 VoIP Review (source -

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 features the same great HD voice and productivity enhancing applications as all great Polycom products and is ideal for use in offices maintaining a moderate call flow. As a 3 line desk phone the IP 450 provides high-resolution, graphical backlit display and is capable of supporting a multitude of languages and microbrowser XML applications.
Exceptional sound quality can be expected of all SoundPoint IP products, Polycom prides themselves on ‘bringing life-like richness and clarity to every call.’ Their patented Acoustic Clarity technology is well noted for providing noise and echo-free sound.
As an enterprise-class IP phone the SoundPoint IP 450 features 17 dedicated hard keys, 4 soft keys and a multi-level grayscale 256×116 pixel LCD display all on an easy to use platform. One of the most favorable elements of this phone is the built-in XML Microbrowser that provides access to many efficiency boosting applications.
As an easy to use desk phone the IP 450 comes equipped with built-in IEEE 802.3af PoE and a dual-port Ethernet switch to assist in flexible deployment and substantial cost savings.

Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 Features Overview:

• 4 line capabilities, 2 call management per line
• Patented Acoustic Clarity Technology
• Graphical Grayscale Backlit Display
• Dedicated headset port
• Speakerphone
• Microbroswer
• Call forwarding, call display, hold, message waiting and other indicators


Nextiva VoIP Phone Reviews: Aastra 6730i

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Aastra 6730i Review

Not only is the new Aastra 6730i affordable and elegantly designed, but it also provides many office-ready features and tools. As a low priced mutli-line SIP phone, the advanced features and capabilities of this 3 line phone are comparable with higher priced enterprise classed IP phones.
The Aastra 6730i features 3 line LCD display and XML capabilities that are fully compatible with the most common IP-PBX applications. While the 6730i supports up to 6 additional lines, and is comparable with enterprise classed IP phones, it’s use is most successful in smaller businesses.
Benefits of the 6730i include superior XML browser capabilities that can be customized to include internal applications. Enhanced call management capable of managing multiple personal directories, call logs and push to call functions. All Aastra IP phones provide superior audio quality and the 6730i is no exception. It comes complete with full-duplex speakerphones and wide-band audio sound to ensure excellent clarity and delivery.

Small business users will find the Aastra 6730i to be highly user-friendly and very customizable. The cost efficiencies of this particular SIP 2.0 IP phone makes it the ideal solution to those businesses looking to save time and money.