It seems that whenever one finally gets used to another type of technology, it suddenly becomes obsolete. Learning to operate a fax machine is a frustrating and traditional faxing proved unreliable. No one ever knew if the fax was properly transmitted and if it was picked up by the appropriate person when it was transmitted. Not to mention that the loud and oversized machines emitted that screeching dialing tone and required constant and expensive ink refills. There was never enough paper and one always ended up with piles of useless confirmation slips and half-printed, poor quality documents.

However, with online faxing, many of these problems are avoided, bringing faxing into the 21st century. Online faxing maximizes upon high speed internet and also ensures that multiple online faxes can be simultaneously sent and received. In addition, these documents can be saved and organized on the hard-drive for future use. That means that one does not have to constantly make copies of copies of documents to fax out, losing the quality of the document. One does not have to wrangle the scanner to scan, to then print, to then fax a document. Instead, it can all be done with one click. In addition, online faxing can be used with traditional faxing, so it does not matter if one side is still using the bulky machine and the other is utilizing online faxing.

With online faxing, communication can be streamlined without the hassle of traditional faxing. One will be sure that documents are transmitted and are saved, rather than lost. It is a greener technology as it does not require paper or ink. What is not to love about online faxing?