Manually Upgrading Nextiva Unity Desktop

In the event that an update fails to apply automatically when you restart Nextiva Unity, check to make sure that Auto Update is turned on by navigating to Services & Settings > Settings > Update, and try another restart. You can check your current version by navigating to Help > About Unity.

Auto Update Settings


If the update still fails to apply, then you can perform a manual upgrade to prevent an interruption of service:

  1. In the installation directory, rename the Unity.exe file to the version number of application you are currently using. For example, change Unity to

Unity.exe File in the Installation Directory

File Renamed

  1. Download the new version of Nextiva Unity Desktop.
    For version, download the executable (Unity.exe) file from
  2. Copy the executable file to the same location in the installation folder where your old version (e.g. resides.
  3. Launch the executable file. You can make sure you have the updated version by navigating to Help > About Unity.


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