Nextiva Unity Reception interface

Nextiva Unity Reception is a powerful application designed for high call volume environments and Users who need to manage a larger number of concurrent calls or require visibility of all Users in the business.

Nextiva Unity Reception Interface

  1. ACD State Buttons: User’s update their availability in the Call Center queue (Unavailable, Available, and Wrap-up).
  2. Call Control Buttons: Provides quick access to common phone features such as Dial, Transfer, Hold, Conference, Voicemail, Recording, Reports, Settings, etc.
  3. Personal Wallboard: View performance metrics for all Call Center(s) assigned to the User. Metrics are broken down by My Statistics, which shows the User’s individual performance metrics, and Overall Queue Statistics, which detail the current metrics across all call centers.
  4. Active Call Window: Provides a list of all active calls and the current status (Ringing, Active, or On-Hold), including the total duration of the call.
  5. Contacts: Displays up to 50 Users, including their phone number/extension, current status, and ACD state.
  6. Call Logs: View all Missed calls, Received calls, and Dialed calls.
  7. Voicemail: Listen and manage voicemail. Right-click any voice message to Play, Save, Delete, Call, or Copy number.


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