Managing calls from Nextiva Unity

Answering an Inbound Call

When Unity displays an incoming call, click the Answer  button or double-click the Active Call Window to answer the call. The primary device will automatically answer once the call is answered in Unity.

During an active call, click the new inbound call in the Active Call List. Then click Answer. The active call will automatically be placed on hold.


Ending an Active Call

Click the Release  button to end the current active call. If multiple calls are in the Active Call List, make sure to select the call to end before clicking Release.


Making an Outbound Call

Users can make outbound calls from the Dial Window, Contacts Panel, Clipboard, or simply drag-and-drop the contact into the Active Call Window. The User’s primary phone will ring once the call is initiated. Pick up the handset to establish the outbound call.


Making an Outbound Call Using the Dial Window:

  1. Click the Dial  button and enter the phone number in the Number field.
  2. Click Enter or Ok to initiate the call.

Dial Window


Making an Outbound Call Using the Contacts Panel:

  1. Double-click or right-click the desired Contact.
  2. Select Call extension or Call number.

NOTE: The Call number option will only display when right-clicking an external contact.

Call Extension


Making an Outbound Call Using Drag-and-Drop:

  1. Click a Contact under the Contacts panel.
  2. Drag-and-drop the contact in the Active Call Window.


Making an Outbound Call Using Drag-And-Drop


Making an Outbound Call Using Clipboard:

  1. From any Windows application, copy a phone number to the clipboard.
  2. Click the Unity pop-up notification to dial the number.


Making an Outbound Call Using Clipboard


Sending an Inbound Call to Voicemail

To send an inbound call directly to voicemail, click the Voicemail  button on the primary device assigned to them to access the Nextiva voicemail box. 


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