Billing invoice FAQs

How do I update my credit card or eCheck information for my account?

From the NextOS Home Page, click your profile picture or initials at the top right and select Billing. Click add new under Payment to add a new credit card. For more information, click here

How are taxes displayed as compared to previous invoices?

Taxes are now included at the bottom of each invoice and are itemized so you can see exactly what is being added as a charge/tax.

What is the service period on my invoice? How is this different from the contract term?

The service period is the amount of time a specific invoice is billing, and the contract term is the length of contracted services.

What is the difference between bill to and service to location?

The bill to location is the location where the invoice is paid. The service to location is the location the services will be delivered and active. These may be the same.

Where will credits or prorated amounts show on my invoice?

Credits will show at the bottom of the invoice right before the total invoice balance.

Where are discounts shown on invoices?

Discounts are shown either in line as a discount SKU or in the Discount column depending on how the discount was applied to the account.

How do I pay with a paper check or wire transfer?

In order to pay with a paper check, you’ll want to decide if you’ll be paying with a paper check or wire transfer.

  1. Next, you will need to contact [email protected].
  2. Our Billing team will review the request and send a credit application to you.
    Then a credit check will be performed.
  3. Billing will review all information and decide if you’ll be approved to for alternate payment options. 
  4. If approved, billing will supply information on how to pay using the chosen method.

What is the difference between invoices before Oct 2022 and current invoices?

  • Current invoices can have a breakdown of cost per location with the ability to add additional locations within a single invoice.
  • Current invoices have more detailed information in the account summary section, including the total, service period, contract duration, payment terms, payment due date and contract number.
  • The current invoice summary is displayed on the first page of the invoice so you can easily see the recurring, one-time, usage, taxes and fees and total of the bill.
  • The new invoice clearly separates the type, SKU, charge type, quantity and price. The old invoice grouped the information in a harder to read pattern.
  • The old invoice listed the credits or discounts associated with each line item directly under the line item affected. New invoices may not list the discounts/credits in a particular order.
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