Holiday tips

To ensure your business communication remains seamless during the holidays, please refer to the following step-by-step instructions on how to update your greetings, business hours, and call forwarding settings.

Be sure to switch any custom greetings and call settings back to your regular greetings and call routing after the holidays.

Record and upload a custom greeting or announcement for callers to hear before or during specified holidays. 

Audio samples: 

If you do not want to record a custom greeting or would like to hear an example, download one of our prerecorded greetings below.

Route incoming calls to a specific number or voicemail during specified holidays. 

For instructions setting up a normal business hours schedule, click here

Automatically forward all incoming calls to a specific number or voicemail.

Enable do not disturb to temporarily silence alerts and stop notifications from popping on to your screen. 

Enable business hours routing for easy handling of after-hours calls.