Making and Receiving Calls on the Nextiva App for Android

Users love the flexibility the Nextiva App provides, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are. Make and receive calls from the mobile app on your Android or iPhone, similar to a physical Nextiva phone. 

Making an Outbound Call

Make an outbound call from the Nextiva App using one of the following methods:

  • Tap Dialer > Call or Video button. 
  • Tap on any Contact > Call or Video button. 
  • Tap the Call or Video button at the top of the Chat window.

Answering Calls

When receiving an incoming call, there are two options displayed on the screen: Answer or Decline. If you decline a call, it will follow your Call Forward When Unanswered option, just like it would on a physical phone.

Initiating a Three-Way Call

The Nextiva App supports calls with up to two additional participants. While on a two-way call, tap the ellipses > Conference > search and select a contact. The other way to create a conference call, or to add participants to an existing conference call, is to tap New Call > Merge.


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Updated on October 12, 2020

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