Managing contacts using the Nextiva mobile app

Quickly import local contacts from your mobile phone or add new business contacts directly from the Nextiva mobile app.

View all saved business contacts and teammates under Contacts. Teammates are other users on the same account. A business contact may be a customer or potential prospect. There are specific features only available for teammates, such as team presence and the ability to send and receive internal chat messages. 

You can set business contacts to be public, so all teammates can see the contact details, or you can set them private so only you can see the contact details. All public contacts can be edited and deleted by other users on the account. Whereas private contacts can only be viewed, edited, and deleted by the user who created the contact. 

Tap on any contact to view contact details, such as their phone number, extension, and email. 

Adding business contacts 

Under Contacts, tap Add contact > Create a business contact. Enter the contact details, and choose to make the contact private or shared. You can also upload a profile photo by tapping the Pencil on the contact’s avatar. Press Save.

Importing local contacts

To import local contacts saved on your mobile phone, tap Add contact > Import from my local contacts. Select the contacts you want to import, or choose Select All. Press Import contact(s) > choose to make the contact private or shared > Import contact(s)

Adding favorites 

Add contacts as favorites so they are easily accessible. Tap the Star next to the contact’s name or under the contact’s profile. Favorite contacts will show at the top of the contact list.

Editing contacts 

Select the contact to view their profile, tap on the ellipses on the top left and select Edit

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