Advanced IVR: Improving Member Services

How can subscription-based businesses improve their services? Companies want to extend member services efficiently and economically.

For example, a chocolate-of-the-month club supports customers by providing subscription details but wants to increase convenience for customers while reducing demands on the staff.

Advanced IVR enables companies to provide customers with a greater level of service by offering the flexibility to quickly and easily look up their subscription details without needing to speak to a live agent. By providing an identification or membership number into the automated system, customers can conveniently track subscription details such as renewal dates, fees paid to date, and upcoming fees.

Use Advanced IVR Subscription Lookup to:

  • Easily implement a self-service option for quick subscription lookups.
    • Customers can obtain the details of their subscription without the need to speak with an agent.
    • Businesses can utilize Virtual Agents, powered by artificial intelligence, to autonomously handle subscription lookup transactions so the staff can focus on higher priorities.
  • Quickly integrate with an existing subscription database.
  • Effortlessly customize Subscription Lookup, which is built on a cloud-based platform. No coding or special technical skills required.

Advanced IVR enables subscription-based companies to extend member services while enhancing the customer experience, encouraging repeat business, and improving the efficiency of business operations. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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