What is Advanced IVR?

Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a web-based system used for building complex call handling and messaging solutions. Advanced IVR includes a comprehensive applications library that integrates speech recognition (Voice Commands, Text-to-Speech, and Voice Biometrics) and Application Programming Interface (API), as well as Google Cloud and IBM Watson technologies to increase productivity, streamline processes, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately increasing the bottom line.

NOTE: Use of Advanced IVR requires a Nextiva Voice account. Please contact our Amazing Service Team at (800) 285-7995 or email [email protected] for assistance.

Use Advanced IVR to build a custom interactive voice response system. Capabilities range from basic menus to advanced voice portals that can check information and route calls based on stored data or data obtained from the caller.

Advanced IVR offers a comprehensive library of applications that help businesses easily and cost-effectively accomplish critical call handling and messaging objectives such as:

  • Improving call routing efficiency
  • Reducing abandoned calls
  • Collecting credit card payments securely
  • Optimizing employee productivity
  • Enhancing the customer experience


Cloud-based Virtual Agents help automate interactions between organizations and their customers while augmenting the use of human agents. Virtual Agents, powered by artificial intelligence, autonomously handle routine and repetitive transactions, increasing time for live agents to handle more complex calls. Businesses can use Virtual Agents to:

  • Provide self-service options for customers. For example, customers can schedule appointments 24 x 7 by phone without requiring input from live agents.
  • Enable a more efficient call handling process. Companies can use Virtual Agents to steer calls to the appropriate parties.
  • Offer customers an automatic callback option to avoid waiting in long queues.
  • Reduce costs on agent talk time, staffing, training, and onboarding.
  • Send mass notifications in bulk (e.g. school closure, service outages, product recalls, and so on).
  • Create, deploy, and manage surveys for gaining direct insight from customers and employees.
  • Corner the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market for business and clients, boosting brand value.


Businesses can quickly and easily implement Advanced IVR, which offers:

  • A simple, web-based portal to manage all calling features. No coding or advanced technical skills are required for customizing applications.
  • Pre-built, customizable call flow templates. Administrators can manage calling features effortlessly, using pre-built call flow templates or start-from-scratch options.
  • Effortless integration with external systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), database, ticket management, and appointment setters using web services.
  • A web-based reporting tool for delivering insights captured by IVR-based analytics.


Advanced IVR incorporates the latest telephony advancements that help companies enhance the customer experience and elevate the brand value for their company by connecting with their customers in new ways:

  • Voice Commands: Enable callers to route themselves (e.g. “Connect me to Tech Support”).
  • Text-to-Speech: Quickly convert text to human-like speech for customizing call flow scripts. 
  • Voice Biometrics: Verify callers by their voice imprint instead of answers to security questions (e.g. mother’s maiden name, make of first car, and so on) to enhance secure authentication.
  • Natural Language Process (NLP): Leverage Google Cloud and IBM Watson technology to turn mundane interactions between callers and the Virtual Agent into more natural conversational interactions. For example:

Virtual Agent: “How can I help you today?”
Caller: “Yes. Hi. I’d like to speak to someone in Billing, please.”
Virtual Agent: “Sure. I will transfer you to our Billing department. Have a great day!”
The Virtual Agent routes the caller to the Billing department.

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 Compliance: Securely manage credit card payments while protecting customer privacy and avoiding heavy fines for non-compliance.


Advanced IVR offers powerful and countless options for building a solution perfectly suited for any business to optimize productivity, streamline processes, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately boosting the company brand and increasing the bottom line. Contact Nextiva’s Advanced IVR Support team at (844) 891-3035 to get started.

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