Getting started with NextivaONE

Nextiva is putting the ways your customers want to interact with you like calls and texts in one place alongside your team collaboration tools like chat. Nextiva eliminates siloed communication channels by delivering one seamless experience so you can communicate confidently with your customers from anywhere. Instantly start or schedule a video meeting, send messages, share files, and more — all of which are accessible on the web and desktop version.

1. Logging in

Visit, and click Login at the top to access NextOS. Enter your Nextiva username and password and click Sign In. If you forgot your username or password, click here

Follow the directions below based on what your home screen looks like. 

From the NextOS home page, choose to download the desktop app or access the web version.

From the NextOS home page, select Voice to download the desktop app or access the web version.

2. Downloading the desktop app

Click one of the buttons below to instantly install on your desktop. For information on system requirements, click here

3. Importing contacts

Quickly import your business contacts from Google or Office 365 to Nextiva.

Click Contacts > Add Contact > Add multiple business contacts. Select Google Contacts or Office 365 and sign into your account. You can also choose to keep the contacts private or public to all teammates. Click Import contacts when ready. 

NOTE: Once a contact is shared publicly to all teammates, it cannot be changed to be private. 

For more information on managing contacts, click here

5. Start connecting

Choose from the below options to learn more. 

Need additional help? Click here.

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