Nextiva CRM: Experience Score vs. Sentiment Trend

NextOS gives businesses insight into the customer journey by gathering analytics data and displaying a 360-degree view of the information in Nextiva CRM. By understanding the customer journey—obtaining the knowledge of the customer’s past interactions with the company, their level of satisfaction, and how they feel about the company overall—you can tailor each interaction providing uniquely amazing service. For example, when receiving an incoming call you can easily view the Experience Score before accepting the call via Nextiva CRM Call Pop. You can also see the Experience score and Sentiment Score under the related CRM record workspace. 


Experience Score

Account Experience Score displays the current experience score of the Account. The experience score is calculated from the points assigned to Case topics (i.e. SmartTopics). SmartTopics are the easiest way any business can categorize interactions to better understand the customer experience. SmartTopics are completely customizable based on how you do business. Assign a unique topic (tied to a score) to each interaction with your customers, and harness the power of Nextiva’s Experience Score feature.


Sentiment Trend

Sentiment Trend shows the customer’s sentiment over time, based on customer interactions. The sentiment trend value is calculated by gathering positive and negative keywords from customer interactions. This can be customized based on customer needs and industry and improves over time with more data.


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