Advanced IVR: Simplifying Timekeeping

How can companies provide employees with a simple and easy-to-access timekeeping system? Simplifying the tedious task of timekeeping improves the employee experience and leads to business efficiency.

For example, companies with remote workers and field staff would especially benefit from a quick and easy method for clocking in and out.

Advanced IVR offers a simple and secure timekeeping solution that utilizes a standard phone for access and voice biometrics for authentication. The IVR authenticates the caller by voiceprint, captured during initial enrollment, and records time and attendance information over the phone. Accessing the cloud-based timekeeping system using a phone eliminates capital expenditures on hardware such as site-clocks, RFID tags, or kiosks.

Use Advanced IVR Teleclock to:

  • Remotely track employee time and attendance using a standard phone.
  • Ensure security and compliance using biometric authentication.
  • Integrate with an existing time management system via web services.
  • View time and attendance data as it is captured.
  • Review detailed reports via a browser-based portal.


Simplifying timekeeping with Advanced IVR cost-effectively increases workforce productivity and minimizes security compliance risks while improving operational efficiency. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva Account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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