Advanced IVR: Enabling Employees to Check Time-Off Balance

How can businesses provide a simple and easy way for employees to check their available time off without diverting the staff from more productive tasks? Simplifying the tedious task of checking time-off balances improves the caller experience and leads to optimal productivity.

For example, employees of a company must call the HR department to check their available time off. HR representatives must stop what they are doing in order to address the request by manually looking up the information. The HR staff would rather not be interrupted with the mundane task of looking up information when employees call to check their time-off balance, and callers would rather not wait for them to pull up the information.

Advanced IVR enables companies to provide a greater level of service to their employees by offering a cloud-based self-service solution for conveniently and quickly checking time-off balances. An IVR Virtual Agent authenticates each caller based on ID and PIN before providing the requested information, allowing the staff to focus on higher-priority tasks. 

Use Time-Off Balance in Advanced IVR to:

  • Offer and easily implement a simple and convenient way for employees to check their available time off.
  • Ensure security using ID and PIN authentication.
  • Integrate with an existing time-off tracking system via web services.
  • Free the staff to address tasks that require personal attention.
  • Review detailed reports via a browser-based portal.


Advanced IVR helps businesses increase productivity while offering employees convenience. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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