Advanced IVR: Automating Password Reset Securely

IT help desk agents frequently receive employee requests for a password reset. Password reset requests incur a loss of productivity from both the employees and the help desk agents. They also pose a significant cost to the company. Implementing a self-service system would reduce the processing time of those requests, but companies need a solution that enforces authentication to preserve security.

Advanced IVR offers companies a password reset solution that introduces convenience, savings, and enhanced security. Password Reset uses voice biometrics to verify the employee’s identity. Biometric security uses the employee’s voiceprint for authentication before processing the password reset. 

When employees call to request a password reset, a Virtual Agent that autonomously handles routine and repetitive transactions compares the employee’s voice to their voiceprint, which is captured and stored during initial enrollment. If it matches above a definable threshold, the Virtual Agent will automatically reset the password and provide the employee with a temporary password, requiring no input from the IT staff.

Easily customize and deploy Advanced IVR Password Reset to:

  • Effectively automate transactional processing.
  • Provide password reset service at any time.
  • Enhance secure authentication with voice biometrics.
    • Easily adjust the threshold required for authentication.
    • Support enforcement of secondary checks.
    • Define escalation points for failed authentication.
  • Integrate with existing password management systems.
  • Free live agents from transactional queries to provide higher levels of service.


Advanced IVR helps companies operate with more efficiency and less cost. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva Account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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