Advanced IVR: Reducing Abandoned Calls

How can companies reduce the number of abandoned calls? Abandoned calls occur when callers hang up before reaching an agent. This often happens when call center wait times exceed customer patience levels, and no other options are presented. As a result, customer satisfaction decreases, and companies lose business.

For example, a contact center receives an increasing number of calls, extending customer hold times during peak hours. The company wants to address the rise in abandon rate without increasing staff to handle the volume of incoming calls.

Advanced IVR offers companies a virtual queuing solution that gives customers the option to request a call back from the next available agent instead of waiting in a queue, alleviating customer frustration with long hold times. Customers do not have to sit on hold and can continue with other tasks.

Advanced IVR Q-for-Me, or callback waiters, allows callers to disconnect from the call but hold their place in the queue. When the expected wait time or number of callers in queue exceeds a specified threshold, the system gives callers the option to request a callback or continue to hold. Q-for-Me confirms the telephone number for the return call based on the caller ID or prompts the caller to enter the preferred contact number using the telephone keypad when caller ID is unavailable. Q-for-Me holds the caller’s place in the queue until it prompts an agent to call the customer back.

NOTE: A callback waiter is needed for each customer who calls into the queue and requests a callback. Q-for-Me requires a Nextiva Call Center license. For assistance, contact a Nextiva account representative.

Advanced IVR Q-for-Me:

  • Provides an efficient solution to reduce abandoned calls without increasing staff. 
  • Improves customer service by providing customers choice, control, and convenience. 
  • Resides on a cloud-based platform that makes Q-for-Me easy to customize and simple to implement and manage.
  • Allows companies to lower network costs by minimizing the rate of calls on hold.


Streamlining the caller experience with Advanced IVR helps companies lower call abandonment rates while increasing customer satisfaction, encouraging repeat business, and boosting the value of their brand. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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