Advanced IVR: Improving Call Routing Efficiency

Customers appreciate reaching the desired party in the shortest amount of time possible. Instead of spending time rerouting calls, employees can focus on addressing other priorities. 

For example, a company with many departments and roles wants to streamline the call routing process that utilizes an automated phone tree with many menu options to route callers. They find that calls too often reach the wrong destination, requiring employees to spend time redirecting calls.

Advanced IVR Smart Attendant enables companies to provide a better experience for customers and improve employee productivity by replacing multilevel menus with automated call flows that include speech recognition and text-to-speech. 

Smart Attendant creates dynamic, personalized interactions that route callers to the desired destination. For instance, instead of being greeted with a long menu of options (“For the Billing department, press 1” and so on), callers who dial into the Smart Attendant hear a customized greeting such as “Which department would you like to reach?” Callers can then say “Billing” to be directly routed to the Billing department.

Use Advanced IVR Smart Attendant to enable rapid deployment of sophisticated personalized IVR solutions:

  • Create dynamic and personalized caller interactions that route callers to the desired destination.
  • Easily customize call routing strategies and quickly develop call scripts.
  • Create call flows that include speech recognition and text-to-speech using built-in functionality such as menus, business hours, and holiday schedules.
  • Refine the IVR experience drawing on customer data for insight.
  • Query web services or table lookups to recognize customers and tailor the attendant for each call.
  • No capital investment in equipment required; no need for specialized technical developers for deployment and maintenance.


Advanced IVR helps companies to improve call routing efficiency by refining the IVR experience for their customers. As a result, customer satisfaction and employee productivity increase, contributing to the success of the company. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva Account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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