Advanced IVR: Extending Customer Service Support

How can companies efficiently extend their customer service support? Multilocation businesses have the opportunity to offer support beyond the typical business hours, improving customer satisfaction.

For example, a company operating in multiple locations across multiple time zones wants to offer extended support hours for customers. This means that customers in New York can reach an agent after 5:00 PM because agents in California are still available. Conversely, agents in New York are available for Californian customers in the early morning hours. Global companies can extend customer service even more by offering around-the-clock support, as well as support during holidays.

Advanced IVR can help businesses efficiently route inbound customer calls to the proper destinations, based on date, day, and time of day, to achieve the best possible customer experience. 

Use Advanced IVR Smart Router to:

  • Create and apply business rules for routing inbound calls based on date, day, and time of day.
  • Quickly and easily customize call routing with no coding or advanced technical skills required.
  • Access graphical reports via a web-based browser.
  • Review detailed reports of call attempts and outcomes.


Companies that offer extended customer service support optimize customer satisfaction, building customer loyalty and strengthening the company brand. To add Advanced IVR to an account, contact a Nextiva account representative or call (800) 799-0600.


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