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Can I pay by check with Nextiva Link?

At this time Nextiva’s primary billing method is via debit or credit card, and monthly payments are drawn from the card on file when the monthly recurring charge is due.

One other payment option at Nextiva is via E-check and requires a voided check. To become eligible for E-check payments, your Nextiva account must be at least a $100 monthly recurring service charge. Payments are drawn from the checking account associated with the voided check each month when the monthly recurring fees are due. For information on setting up this option, please email us.

The only other payment option is to send us a paper check every month. To become eligible for paper check payments, your Nextiva account must be at least a $400 monthly recurring service charge. Additionally, there is a credit application process that Nextiva will review and approve. For information on setting up this option, please email us.

Nextiva takes pride in preserving the environment, and we eliminate the use of paper as much as possible. Many companies in today’s world rely on paperless billing, and Nextiva takes the same forward approach, eliminating paper bills altogether.

How do you bill for services?

Nextiva automatically processes your monthly, quarterly, or annual renewal at the start of your billing cycle. Your billing cycle date is the day you signed up for service with Nextiva. The renewal is charged to the current payment method on file automatically per the terms and conditions. The primary email address on file will receive a pro forma bill prior to the renewal date, and then a bill/receipt after the charge is successfully processed.  This bill includes your monthly subscription charge (commonly a one-month payment) as well as any applicable charges accrued during the previous billing cycle (toll-free charges and minute overages).

How am I notified of my renewal?

Our customers are notified via email about 5 days before the billing cycle renewal date. This “pro forma” invoice allows you to view the charges that will automatically be assessed on your renewal date. The pro forma will include the toll-free and credit usage on the account as of that date, if applicable. The actual billing total may change if additional toll-free, international, or minute usage calls are placed or received in the interim. The invoice may also alter if additional product offerings are added to the account. Should you have any concerns regarding your pro-forma invoice, please contact [email protected].

Is a receipt provided to me after my credit card is charged?

Yes. Once your renewal has been successfully charged, Nextiva automatically sends a copy of the receipt to the primary email on file.  To view past invoices or make updates to your card on file, please read the article HERE.

Can a partial payment be applied to my renewal?

Sorry, partial payments are not currently accepted. The total renewal amount is due on the billing cycle renewal date each month. If payment is not received within 7 business days of the renewal date, service may be affected.

Can my renewal be processed on two different credit cards?

Sorry, partial payments are not currently accepted. Renewals can only be processed on one credit card for the full amount owed. 

What if there is a problem with my credit card?

If your automatic renewal cannot be processed for any reason, we will notify you immediately via email of the decline. The payment process will be reattempted the next day, continuing for about 7 days before the service may be interrupted. If we do not receive a payment within 7 to 10 days, your account may be disabled. To avoid a suspension of service it is important to make sure your credit card information is correct and funds are available. To update your credit card, please read the article HERE.

Does Nextiva charge late fees?

Nextiva does not charge late fees. However, if services are disabled on your account due to non-payment, a reactivation fee up to $25.00 may be applied once a valid payment method is authorized once again.

Will I receive a paper bill?

Nextiva does not provide customers with paper bills. Invoices are available online through the NextOS portal, please read the article HERE for access. 

How long are my bills saved on the online account management site?

Nextiva stores all of your invoices online for the life of the account.  If you need an invoice and can’t find it, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Who do I call if I have questions regarding my invoice?

You can always call our support team at 800.285.7995 or via email at [email protected].

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