Case inbox in Nextiva CRM

⚠️ Nextiva CRM has been retired from the Nextiva product offerings and is currently not available to new users. 

The case inbox, the primary view used to access key details and manage interactions with clients all in one place. Send emails, log calls, add notes, all from one inbox.  

You can also search by keywords and use custom filters to quickly locate a Case in their Inbox.

By default, the Case Inbox displays My Cases, all cases assigned to you, when opened. Click any Case to view all interactions and details instantly. When a Case is open, above the Interaction area, notice these fields:

  1. Edit the Case subject by clicking to modify.
  2. Filter for all interactions, emails, calls, internal notes, or chats.
  3. Update the priority or importance of the Case.
  4. Open, Close, or move the Case to In Progress, for example.
  5. Dictate which department should work the Case.
  6. Assign a teammate from the department to own the Case.
  7. Choose the SmartTopic to summarize the Case topic best.
Users can also create a Note, Email, Log Interaction, and Send Survey by clicking the Plus (+) icon on the bottom-left corner of the case interaction feed.
  1. View high-level Case information.
  2. Quickly view Contact information and recent activity.
  3. View any internal wiki articles for reference.
  4. View any integrations.
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