Creating an auto attendant

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An Auto Attendant allows incoming calls to be transferred automatically to the extension the caller chooses without the need for a physical receptionist. For example, callers can choose to press 1 for sales,  2 for support, etc., including the ability to dial by extension or by name. 


From the Nextiva Voice Admin Dashboard, hover over Advanced Routing Auto Attendants > Create Auto Attendant > Advanced Settings > complete the following fields > Save

    • Caller ID First and Last Name: These values are displayed as the caller ID when a User receives an incoming call from the Auto Attendant.
    • Extension Dialing Scope and Name Dialing Scope:
      • Enterprise allows extension or name dialing to the whole company.
      • Location limits the extension or name dialing to the location of the Auto Attendant.
      • Department limits the extension or name dialing to the specific department.
    • Time Zone: The time zone for this Auto Attendant.
    • Department: The department associated with this Auto Attendant. 
    • Name Dialing Entries: The format callers can use to search for users.
    • Transfer to the operator after X seconds of inactivity: Route callers to the operator when callers do not specify a key or option after the specified length of time. The default is 10 seconds.

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