Setting up schedules

Set up a schedule to route calls based on the day and time. For example, add lunch breaks and holidays, so all incoming calls during those times forward to voicemail or an emergency line.  

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Setting up schedules

As an admin, you can create and assign schedules to individual users or locations.

  • To set up business hours for a user, select Users > Actions > Voice Setup > Business Hours
  • To set up business hours for a location, select Communication > Phone System > Voice Overview > Manage Locations > Action > Voice Settings > Business Hours

Click Add new hours > enter a name and select the time zone. Choose to use the same hours Monday – Friday or add weekend hours.

Adjust the hours using the sliders and add breaks by clicking the Plus sign under Break. Add dates the business is closed, such as a federal holiday, by clicking Add Holiday.





Setting up schedules

From the Nextiva Voice admin dashboard, hover over the username in the top-right corner > My Account > Schedules > Create Schedule > enter the schedule details and click Save.

  • Schedule Name: Enter a descriptive name for the schedule.
  • Type: Select Regular.
  • Level: Select the availability of the schedule:
    • Enterprise: Anyone in the enterprise can use this schedule.
    • Location: Only the specified location(s) can use this schedule.  
    • User: Only the specified user(s) can use this schedule. 

For a Weekly Schedule, adjust the hours using the sliders. Select the Closed checkbox to indicate the business is closed for the entire day. Save.

To set up an after-hours schedule, click the After Hours (Flip Sliders) checkbox and adjust the hours using the sliders. Save.

(Optional) Use Events to create unique events for the business hours schedule, such as extended business hours on the first Friday of every month. Click Save > Finish.



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