Nextiva App Overview

The Nextiva App is a great resource for business users to manage their unified communications solutions. It has never been easier to use voice, video, instant messaging, and team presence services from a single device. Users can access account and feature settings from their computer, tablet, or any mobile device. The Nextiva App supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms.


Assigning the License

For assistance assigning a license to a User, click here

NOTE: A Business Phone Service Professional or Enterprise license is required to use the full version of the Nextiva App (the Essential bundle includes a voice-only version of the Nextiva App).


Downloading the Nextiva App

Click one of the links below to install the desktop version of the Nextiva App. For mobile or tablet versions, please visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

EXE File



Downloading the Guides








Logging In

Enter the NextOS username and password, then click Sign In.

Nextiva App Login Screen

NOTE: For desktop versions of the App, Users may need to add “” after the username (i.e.,


Team Presence

Adjust availability settings or easily check the status of a contact via the Nextiva App to determine the best way to contact them.

  • The Nextiva App automatically shows when Users are on the phone.
  • Manually change presence to show Available, Away, Busy, or Offline.

Team Presence


Location Indicator and Status Bar

Users can change the My Location settings to share or hide their location from displaying in the Nextiva App by clicking the location and time. Users can also enter a personal message in the What’s on your mind? field.

Location Configuration


Individual and Group Chat

Chat one-on-one or with multiple contacts at once.

  • Double-click on any contact, or right-click on any contact and select Chat, to open the chat window.
  • Drag-and-drop another contact into the chat window to instantly create a group chat.
  • Select My Room to open a group chat. Drag-and-drop contacts into the group chat or copy the invitation and invite contacts to join the room.

My Room

Within a chat window, Users can perform the following functions:

  • Phone Handset initiates a call to the contact or conference bridge.
  • Video Camera starts a video conference.
  • Desk Phone sends a call directly to the desk phone.
  • Screen Share shares the screen.
  • Information displays the User’s contact information.

Chat Window

NOTE: Users can drag-and-drop files in a chat window or click File Share to share files with chat participants.


Screen Share

To start a screen share, start an individual or group chat and click Screen Share. Users can choose to share their entire screen or a specific application. Click Start Sharing to begin.

Screen Share


Make Calls

Make and receive calls from the Nextiva App, and display the same caller ID as your Nextiva desk phone. Click Dialpad, and dial the phone number or extension. Then click Call.


NOTE: Users can pull active calls from a physical phone to the App, and vice versa. Dial *11, or select Calls > Pull Call (or CTRL + P) to pull the call to the App. Dial *11 on the physical phone to pull the call from the App to the physical phone.


Call History

Click Call History to view the list of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Call History


Chat History

Click Chat History to view the list of all chat records.

Chat History



Click Call History and select the Voicemail tab to access the voicemail. Click Ellipsis (…) and select any of the available options (e.g., Play, Call, Add to Contacts, etc.).

Voicemail Options


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Updated on July 23, 2020

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