Integrating QuickBooks with Nextiva CRM

Integrating QuickBooks with Nextiva CRM imports existing QuickBooks customer information to Nextiva CRM and provides one-way sync functionality from QuickBooks to Nextiva CRM. Any customer information added, updated, or deleted in QuickBooks will automatically be reflected in Nextiva CRM. 

TIP: Please allow up to 30 minutes for the sync to complete. Administrators can customize the integration by mapping the QuickBooks fields to the Nextiva CRM fields.

NOTE: This integration is only available for QuickBooks online edition (not the premise-based version).

To integrate QuickBooks with Nextiva CRM:

From the NextOS admin dashboard, select Data Import > QuickBooks

Sign in to QuickBooks. Review the mapping for each field to ensure the data is imported and presented correctly in Nextiva CRM. Click Save

TIP: Click + Additional Fields to add QuickBooks fields.


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