Managing Sales Using Opportunities in Nextiva CRM

⚠️ Nextiva CRM has been retired from the Nextiva product offerings and is currently not available to new users. 

How can businesses effectively manage data for a sales opportunity? Keeping the sales information (lead information, likelihood to close, potential MRR, etc.) organized and quickly accessible helps companies easily track potential sales and move them toward closed deals.

Businesses can use Opportunities in Nextiva CRM to manage each stage of the sales life cycle and accurately predict sales pipelines for a start-to-finish view of the prospect journey. 



New Opportunity

Creating an Opportunity

Opportunities help sales agents store, update, and effectively manage sales data throughout the sales life cycle.

  1. Visit, and click Client Login to log in to NextOS.
  2. From the NextOS Home Page, select CRM.
  3. Click Plus (+) and select Opportunity.

Opportunity Option


  1. Complete the Opportunity Details section

Stage: The current phase of the sale (required). NOTE: These stages are customizable:

  • Needs Assessment: Learning more about the prospect, their business needs, their pain points with their existing product, getting details to identify a product package you can provide to them.  
  • Value Presentation: Demonstrating products and presenting information to show how your product solves the needs identified in the Needs Assessment Stage.
  • Proposal/Quote: This stage varies widely from company to company, and may include things like delivering a quote or proposal.
  • Closed Won/Lost: As the sales process comes to a close, the sales rep asks the prospect to finalize the deal, which ends in either a win or loss.

     3. Click Create.

Opportunity Workspace

In the Opportunity list view, click any Opportunity to open the Opportunity Workspace. The Workspace gives complete access to Opportunity details, activities, Analytics, Interactions, and more.  

Opportunity Workspace


Overview displays Contact name, phone numbers(s), email, and shipping and billing addresses. Contacts and Accounts associated with the Opportunity also appear under Overview


Details allows Users to view and edit the Opportunity information such as the amount, the current stage, and more. Users can also view and edit the Contact and Account associated with the Opportunity.


View Product information and add discounts to track what your prospects would like to buy. Click Add Product and select the desired Product(s). Remove a Product by hovering over the Product listing and clicking the Minus (-) icon.

Related displays relationships between the Opportunity and Contacts, Cases, etc. Click the Show button and make a selection. Contacts display by default.

Account Activities

Account Activities will display all Cases related to the Account associated with the Opportunity. Users can sort Cases by last CreatedUpdated, or filter only Unassigned Cases. Opportunities can be sorted by last Created or Updated.

Interaction History Feed

View all recent communication in the Interaction History feed on the right side of the Workspace. Users can also create a Note, Email, Log Interaction, and Send Survey by clicking Plus (+) at the bottom-left corner of the Interaction History feed.


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