Troubleshooting dropped calls or choppy audio on the Nextiva Mobile App

Troubleshooting dropped calls or choppy audio on the Nextiva Mobile App. 

Symptoms include:

  • Choppy audio
  • Dropped calls


If you are experiencing either choppy audio or dropped calls while using the Nextiva Mobile App, it is typically due to the data source (cellular or Wi-Fi). It is recommended to make sure your network meets the Nextiva network requirements. For more information, click here.

While checking into the network, you can enable Nextiva Anywhere and Call Through so that all calls route using the cellular data instead. It is important to note that while routing calls through your cellular data, it may count towards your minute usage if your cellular plan is not unlimited.  

Enabling Nextiva Anywhere and Call Through 

  1. Select the Menu icon > Call Settings > Nextiva Anywhere > Add New Location.

NOTE: If the location is already set up, make sure it is enabled.  

  1. Enter your cell phone number and enable all features below:
    • Enable This Location (required)
    • Call Control (recommended)
    • Prevent Diverting Calls (recommended)
    • Answer Confirmation (recommended)
  1. After enabling Nextiva Anywhere, navigate back to Call Settings and select Dialing Service under Call Options.
  2. Choose Call Through > Save.

NOTE: If Call Through is greyed out, make sure the number under “This Mobile Phone Number” matches the number entered in the Nextiva Anywhere location. 


Make sure to sign out of the Nextiva Mobile App after setting up Nextiva Anywhere and Call Through. Only sign into the Nextiva Mobile App to make an outbound call.

NOTE: When making an outbound call using the Nextiva Mobile App, you will see a random number displayed on the call pop-up before dialing, this number is for internal routing purposes only and will not be displayed on the Caller ID.

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