As business owners, you understand the importance of protecting your company data and the private information of your customers. Massive security breaches such as Target’s winter hack of 40 million credit and debit accounts and last summer’s theft of $15 million from 15 different financial institutions have brought a greater awareness to the importance of ensuring that personal and financial data is kept private.

Nextiva wants to provide you with peace of mind that the information you have on file with us is only being shared with your account administrators.

Due to the recent high profile hacks involving the last 4 digits of credit cards, we are no longer accepting credit card numbers as an account validation option for Nextiva Office and Call Center customers. We have taken steps to better protect and secure our customers’ data and will now only accept account PINs to access your account.

There are three circumstances in which Nextiva will disclose account information to VoIP customers over the phone, which include: 

  1. when the customer has verified the account with the pre-established PIN
  2. when the information that is requested by the customer is to be sent to the customer's address (or e-mail address) that is already on record
  3. when Nextiva calls the customer's telephone number of record and discusses the information with the party initially identified by the customer or authorized by the customer when service was initiated.

You can easily update your account PIN through the NextOS Portal. Simply log in, click on Security Information on the left hand column, and reverify your account information to change your password, PIN, or security questions.

If you have any questions about Nextiva’s privacy policy or updating your account information, please call our Support Team at 800.285.7995.