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I am unable to send faxes

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can perform on your fax bridge if you are unable to send faxes.

If you are having issues sending from your fax machine:

  1. Verify that the fax machine is plugged into the fax bridge and is configured to answer a call.
  2. Verify that the phone line from the fax bridge is plugged into the line port on the fax machine.
  3. If the fax machine has a handset make sure to check for dial tone.
  4. If the user has a regular old phone handset, have them try to plug the phone into the fax bridge telephone port to test for dial tone.
  5. Verify that there is no pre-programmed options for dialing a 9 or 8 before sending out a call.

Usually, the issue is that the fax bridge is ringing the fax port trying to deliver a fax and since the fax machine is not configured to answer calls the port will just ring and ring. So when a you try and send a fax there is no dial tone because the fax bridge is trying to ring the fax machine.

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