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Installing Nextiva Unity
With Nextiva Unity, you can easily manipulate your calls, see the busy status of your fellow employees and find out how you and your call queues are doing in a real-time environment.

Nextiva Unity Supervisor interface
Nextiva Unity Supervisor is a powerful reporting and management application that provides supervisors relevant, real-time data, such as the total number of calls in queue, wait time, and available agents. 

Nextiva Unity Agent interface
Nextiva Unity Agent is designed for high call volume environments, allowing you to quickly join or leave call center queues, change your call center status, and more. 

Nextiva Unity Reception interface
Nextiva Unity Reception allows you to manage a larger number of concurrent calls and visibility of all other users status on the account.

Managing calls from Nextiva Unity
Instantly make and receive calls using your Nextiva business phone number directly from Nextiva Unity.

Nextiva Unity Supervisor

Nextiva Unity Dashboard

Nextiva Unity Agent

Nextiva Unity Desktop

Nextiva Unity Reception

Nextiva Unity Call Center